Organisation experts reveal the one thing you must do before investing in new storage solutions

The style sister's reveal their top storage tips

Before a big spring clean it can be tempting to invest in storage solutions, to tidy all your belongs away into. However, according to expert organisers, the Style Sisters, this is the last thing you should be doing.

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Essex's answer to Marie Kondo, the duo, made up of Gemma Lilly and Charlotte Reddington, have transformed Amanda Holden and Millie Mackintosh's 'floordrobes' into pristine wardrobes.

So, it's safe to say they know a thing or two about creating an orderly and serene room. Working with Dunelm they have revealed their top tips to prevent your clothes and shoes from swarming your bedroom floor.

But their main top tip might surprise you.

Style Sister's storage solutions tips

'One of the easiest ways to prevent household mess becoming stressful is to buy storage containers immediately following clear-outs, rather than buying containers to fit existing items,' the duo explains.

'This helps avoid the temptation of buying boxes to fill with clothes, that then sit hidden away and unworn,' they add. 'We would suggest throwing away any clothes, handbags or shoes that you haven’t worn in over 8 months.'

You heard them. If your laptop is littered with open tabs about storage ideas. And you have online baskets full of, well, baskets, press pause on them until you have had a thorough clear out.

storage solutions

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Once you have detoxed your bedroom of all unwanted clutter, then you can make a start on tidying it all away. Consider making use of the space above your wardrobe and under the bed if you still need extra storage.

'Making use of the high and low storage points in your home is a great way of filling all of your unused space in a satisfying way,' the organising duo explains.

However, when it comes to storing things on top of your wardrobe you need to be strategic. You don't want to stick a basket full of scarves or jumpers. You need to look through every day in a place that's hard to reach. That is just putting you on the fast-track to a 'floordrobe'.

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'Placing items you only occasionally need on top of wardrobes, in storage baskets, is a useful trick to make everything look nice and organised,' say the Style Sisters. 'Multi-purpose wicker baskets are eco-friendly and sustainable and they are also really trendy at the moment.'

Similarly, under-bed storage is perfect for storing shoes you don't often wear or seasonal clothing. Just make sure they are stored away in sealed storage bags to keep them safe from dust.

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Are you guilty of buying storage before a clear out?

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