The everyday household item being hailed on social media as a genius storage solution

Are you a fan of this simple but brilliant recycled storage box idea?
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  • So simple but so effective, a life hack to love! One savvy shopper shares her ingenious recycled storage box, made by reusing her plastic packaging after the washing tablets have run out.

    Katy May Carmel Galloway shared her simple, yet smart, storage idea with fellow members on Facebook groups including ‘Cleaning Tips & Tricks‘ – and it’s going down a treat!

    Katy shares how she soaks the labels off the liquid washing sachet boxes and uses them around the house as storage solutions.

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    Simple recycled storage box idea

    recycled storage box from household waste

    Image credit: Katy May Carmel Galloway

    ‘Just a bit of a random post really but thought I would share my idea recycled storage box. I love these liquid washing sachet boxes and didn’t want to throw them away so I clean all of the labels off with hot soapy water then get all of the sticky residue left over off with nail polish remover’.

    Going on to say, ‘stick some craft stars or some pretty stickers on and I store things like nail polish, sanitary pads, pens, and other bits and bobs in them.’

    ‘They are perfect to store little things in and look pretty cute too, just an idea to reuse something that would of otherwise been thrown in the bin 🤗❤️ #happyrecycling’.

    Image credit: Katy May Carmel Galloway

    Katy’s post has been met with plenty of adoration – with over 1.5 and 3.5 likes, loves and wow reaction along with comments aplenty.

    ‘It has been a huge hit and I’m blown away with the response’ Katy tells us.

    Image credit: Katy May Carmel Galloway

    Some of the comments say: ‘That’s a great idea 💡’.

    Along with one grateful member who writes, ‘Thanks for posting this.. I was going to buy a wooden box to store my essential oils in but now I have seen this it jogged my memory that I have a few of these boxes stored… Off to find them to stow away some bits. Thanks once again’.

    After it proved a hit Katy reported back to the group writing, ‘Wow thank you so much everyone 😍❤️.’

    Possible household storage uses…

    ‘Some really amazing ideas have been thrown in, on what else these could be used for. I wanted to give you all some more ideas so here goes for example’

    Arts & crafts bits
    Make-up/Hair accessories
    Pens, crayons etc
    Pet biscuits
    Screws, nails and drill bits,
    Pasta/ rice
    Bin liners
    Toy cars
    Changer plugs and wires

    Image credit: Katy May Carmel Galloway

    The community of like minded cleaning fans added further food for thought with the following suggestions;

    ‘We use ours for medications because they are child proof. Obviously still on the top of the cupboard where the kids cant reach them but if they ever did they shouldn’t be able to get into the box xx’ says one.

    ‘I put my loose change in it 😂😂’ says another.

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    Now in an ideal world we wouldn’t use plastic packaging at all, but given it still seems to be on offer in many large supermarkets, finding an upcycling solution is a great compromise.

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