Inside Survival of the Fittest’s stunning African lodge

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  • The lucky girls and boys will be based in the heart of the South African savannah

    It’s been dubbed the ultimate battle of the sexes – a team of boys and a team of girls taking on challenges in the heat of South Africa. But even if new ITV2 show Survival of the Fittest doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, surely you can’t resist the call of the remote hideaway that the contestants will call home?

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    Image credit: ITV

    On Sunday night, 12 singletons entered the lodge, which has been built especially for the series. It’s taken nine weeks to construct, and has lightning conductors on the roof to protect the contestants from African storms. Well, meteorological once, anyway – we doubt they’ll do anything if tempers flare inside.


    Image credit: ITV

    The girls – Georgia, Georgie, Jenny, Lottie, Mariam and Tia – share one dorm and a dressing room. And on the other side of the lodge, there’s a bedroom for boys Callum, David, James, Ryan, Tristan and Warren. At the end of each bed is a trunk for storing belongings, and on the bedside tables, there are charging portals for the smartwatches that each contestant has to wear.


    Image credit: ITV

    The two dorms are separated by a vast open-plan living area, with plenty of different spots for socialising. A huge dining table has been built around a tree trunk, and there’s an elegant swing where the boys and girls can hang out together – literally!


    Image credit: ITV

    Exotic timbers including zebrano and iroko have been used to craft the kitchen. However, a lot of the wooden fixtures inside the lodge have been built from wood and trees found in the surrounding savannah.

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    Image credit: ITV

    Our favourite part of the lodge has to be the stunning outdoor bathroom, with its modern bath and his-and-her sinks. You couldn’t have one of these back home!


    Image credit: ITV

    It’s not the only place where the teams can cool off after a challenge. There’s also a small swimming pool, which we’re sure will prove popular in South Africa’s searing heat. Or they can take a dip in the lake beyond – apparently, it’s safe for swimming!


    Image credit: ITV

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    The lodge is located in the Limpopo region of South Africa, famous for its river and spectacular sandstone mountains. It all look and sounds like paradise – but we wonder whether the contestants will agree?!

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