Swoon says sales of this furniture are up 247 per cent this month – and we can see why!

Plus, more pieces high in demand

Amongst the many challenges that COVID 19 has presented, one of the the biggest is how our homes have needed to adapt. They're having to function as an office, a school and a place to feel calm and protected. And all the while, we're desperately trying to maintain some kind of order.

With all that in mind, it's not surprising that searches and sales for certain items of furniture have gone through the roof, as we've tried to ring the necessary changes.

Swoon's best-selling desk in April

desk with typewriter

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Interiors brand Swoon reveals that one item in particular is in high demand. Searches for desks are up 247 per cent, and their best-selling design? The Fresco.

Buy now: Fresco desk, £329, Swoon 
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Penfold stool in Burnt Orange Velvet, £199, Swoon

We think we know why. If you don’t have a dedicated office, then there’s a good chance desks are having to slot into rooms that have other functions. That includes hallways, open plan kitchen, dining spaces, living rooms and even bedrooms.

With slim mid-century legs, warm mango wood finish and a flash of brass, the Fresco looks, well, rather gorgeous and un-desky!

It can also double up as a dressing table or console when not in use. Plus the handy drawers can hide away any tech or paperwork when it’s time to log off.

wooden desk with two drawers

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Buy now: Fresco desk, £329, Swoon

Swoon's dressing table boom

Dressing tables have also taken a surprising leap in searches and sales, being the 5th most searched item on Swoon's website. Many people will be using these petite pieces of furniture as a multi-functional saviour that will be just as useful when lockdown is over.

dressing table boom

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Buy now: Belle dressing table, £249, Swoon

'The role of our homes is evolving at an exceptional rate,' says Swoon founder Debbie Williamson. 'Dining tables have become classrooms. Bedroom nooks have become offices. Living rooms have become gyms. Suddenly, everyone is at home at the same time.'

'So, we’re seeing people come up with inventive ways to make their home work for them and their family. And dressing tables are the perfect multi-functional piece – a petite desk by day, a dressing table by evening – especially when it’s easy to pop your laptop away in a drawer.'

living room with sofa and teapoy

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Sales of TV stands, sideboards and cabinets are also soaring. We think it's because people are looking for storage solutions whilst spending so much time in their home. It's a way to instantly update a space to create a sense of calm by banishing the clutter.

Buy now: Nyhaven cabinet, £449, Swoon

Which piece of furniture would make your home/work life balance better?