5 reasons why my Swyft sofa is one of the best things I own

The Swyft sofa model 03 is both pretty and practical. Here's why this is one of the very best sofas out there in 2021 – and why we love it so much

Spending your hard-earned money on a brand new sofa? This large purchase isn't one to take lightly, which is why I took one for the team and tested one of Swyft's hugely popular sofas (it was a hard job but someone had to do it). I have been more than impressed with my new sofa, to say the very least. I own the Swyft Sofa Model 03, specifically their Model 03 4 Seater Right Chaise in Shadow Linen. This lovely sofa sits in my living room and it has done since January 2021, with obvious occasional use thanks to lockdown, and a few spillages thanks to being the clumsiest person that walks this earth – I also have two pets (a dog and a rabbit) who both love to climb and chase each other on this sofa, so it certainly has been forced to stand the test of time in my home.

First thing's first: this Swyft sofa is very Instagrammable. In fact, when choosing one on the website it was the model 03 which stuck out to me the most since it's a bit of a blank canvas (but a nice one!) that you can accessorize however you like. This also means you can pop it in pretty much any home, whether that be modern, boho, contemporary, mid-century modern... you get the gist. This sofa has a slightly lower back than you may be used to, to make it ideal for open-plan living – you can place it in the middle of a room and not feel like you've closed the room off. In my case, it sits pushed against a wall with a gallery wall bestowed above, and I love it. You can see photos of it below.

Other features that attracted me to the Swyft sofa, apart from the fact I see it on my Instagram feed daily, were: it's stain-resistant; it can arrive at your door in less than 24 hours, and that it can be rearranged at any time. Since I know I won't be staying in my flat forever, this was a big USP that I loved the idea of: I knew there would be no reason for me to replace this sofa within the next few years, and the thought of spending a lot of money on a sofa and having to sell it due to its size in a few years time kinda hurt to think about. There were obviously lots of other things that attracted me to this sofa, so keep scrolling to hear about all of them.

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While admittedly this sofa is an investment to think about, just remember that it does come with a 100-day trial so that if there's an issue, it can be returned, while it's even guaranteed to fit inside your home and it has a 15-year frame guarantee. Just some things to think about...

Where to buy a Sywft sofa model 03?

living area with sofa and cushions

(Image credit: Annie Collyer)

5 reasons why my Swyft sofa is one of the best things I own

1. This Swyft sofa is completely stain resistant

swyft sofa with furry cuhions

(Image credit: Annie Collyer)

Yes, Swyft sofas – not just the model 03s – are all stain resistant. This is actually a lifesaver since we all have accidents – or a friend does, or a child – and the dread sets in fast when you think you've ruined your lovely sofa. No need to worry a bit as the stain-resistant fabrics that Swyft use can be wiped clean with ease. I put mine to the test (with gritted teeth while doing so) with both water and apple juice, and they both sat on the surface and could be wiped away in seconds with absolutely no residue left behind. Impressive stuff!

2. It can arrive the very next day (bye-bye long sofa wait times)

Unlike large sofa companies with physical stores, Swyft can have your sofa with you within 24 hours if you buy before 3 pm the previous day. No having to (very excitedly) wait weeks on end for your new sofa to arrive, and no sitting on a bean bag to watch your TV for a few months. This alone, for me, was a huge convincer – I once waited 20 weeks or so for a sofa, and from then onwards I've said to myself it won't happen again. It really makes you realise how much you use your sofa! If you don't want it the very next day, you can select a time from Monday to Saturday during the following three weeks, to suit your calendar.

3. You can add to this Swyft sofa – or switch up the shape of it – at any time

sofa with cushions and shelf and pictures

(Image credit: Annie Collyer)

Another unique fact about this sofa, the 03 model, is that it's not actually attached together. Each module sits on suction-cupped feet so as not to move once placed on your floor – we've tried it on both wooden floors and carpet, and this sofa didn't move an inch. So, since it's not actually attached together, though it looks like it, this means you can add to it at any time. In fact, when my sofa arrived I realised it wasn't big enough for our room, so I just ordered another middle section to sort out this problem. Also, when I move house I'll be able to fit it in any size living room so I needn't worry about that, and it can be flipped from a right chaise to a left chaise, too, while you can restyle it pretty much however you like. So ridiculously handy and something I had never thought about until I had this Swyft Sofa delivered.

4. It's surprisingly comfortable

As mentioned above, the model 03 has quite a low back which may be one of the things that are putting you off. Well, we can confidently tell you not to let this happen: it's actually very comfortable, and the low back is perfect for draping your arm over while resting back, or you can go full chill and use this low back as a headrest when stretched out. It goes without saying that you'll want to add cushions and blankets to the mix, just to make it look less plain. Both the seats, sides and backs of this sofa are all super plush, and despite me sitting on it every single day this year from January onwards, it still (somehow) looks brand new. This low back is also perfect for placing in an open-plan room to make it still look open yet obviously inviting.

5. It's ridiculously easy to set up

sofa with brown and white cushions

(Image credit: Annie Collyer)

Not only will your Swyft model 03 sofa arrive in boxes that can fit through a standard front door or up a standard staircase (impressive, we know), but it is so easy to set up. In fact, I didn't realise that they email the instructions over to save trees (another bonus!) so I just assumed it was a work-it-out-yourself job. I managed to assemble it in no time at all, as it's pretty obvious what slots into where. The chaise, if you order one, sits on its own and doesn't attach anywhere so that you can move it around your room if you want to. Initially, I did think this was a bit strange but in actual fact, it has proved to be really handy so that both my partner and I can make use of it without sitting annoyingly close to each other on this massive sofa.

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Will you be adding a Swyft Sofa to your living room? We certainly hope so as it's the best thing we ever did.

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