Gimme shelter: a WWII bunker with no windows and 4ft thick walls has been transformed into a pair of surprisingly airy £440,000 homes

The bunkers, situated on a former RAF base in Caversfield, near Bicester, Oxfordshire have been split in half to create two stylish houses

Originally built to withstand a bombing, gas or chemical attack, this pair of Second World War bunkers once came complete with decontamination showers, air lock doors and a war room.

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(Image credit: City and Country)

It remains partly concealed by two large earth mounds, which were designed to offer blast protection. Well, you can never be too careful...

However, the spacious building has now been split in half and transformed into two distinctive 1,400 sq ft two-bedroom homes that are on the market for £440,000 each.

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The conversions also feature open-plan living areas, fitted kitchen with integrated stainless-steel appliances and bi-fold doors that open out on to an external terrace. And, if that wasn't enough to tempt you, perhaps a fully maintained courtyard garden will do the trick.

The final design was a combined result of City & Country's designers working closely with their appointed architects Feilden + Mawson.

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(Image credit: City and Country)

'It was probably one of the most challenging buildings we have ever tackled and was particularly unusual because it didn't have any windows,' says Simon Vernon-Harcourt, Design and Planning Director of developers City & Country.

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(Image credit: City and Country)

'There were very few of these built around the UK and most have been demolished or turned into something else.'

'As a bunker, you imagine it would be quite gloomy but it's light and airy now.'

So, if you're looking for a conversation starter, then we can't imagine too many people being able to tell their friends and family that they live in a restored decontamination bunker.

For more information about this property contact City & Country.

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