Ikea: The A to Z guide

From the arrows on the floor to catching some Zzs in a comfy display bed...

It’s the weekend and for many of us that means thinking about doing some home improvements, whether that involves searching for new furniture or giving a dull-looking wall a new coat of paint.

For all of you who are planning to head to that most well-known of Scandinavian stores this weekend, here is a fun list of the things we’re all familiar with. Ikea here we come…

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Ikea experience ikea guide

Image credit: Ikea

A is for the arrows that guide you around the store

B is for Billy the bookcase, the popular classic that you will see in nearly every home around the country

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C is for coffee in the café before you embark on your quest

D is for day out – you’re in it for the long haul

E is for effort

ikea falt-pack furniture ikea facts ikea guide

Image credit: Ikea

F is for flat-pack

G is for great bargains

H is for hot dogs (to give you sustenance after your shopping trip)

Ikea guide

Image credit: Ikea

I is for intending to go directly to the bed/sofa/wardrobe section, then leaving straightaway

J is for ‘just adding another one of these glasses/jars/bowls’ (delete as appropriate) to your trolley

K is for knowing you didn’t come to buy any of those cute little extras

L is for lateness. You’re meant to be meeting your friend, but you’ve got carried away and run out of time

Ikea experience ikea guide

Image credit: Ikea

M is for meatballs

N is for napkins – you don’t need them, but they’re sooooo pretty

Ikea guide

Image credit: Ikea

O is for outdoor furniture that will make your garden super cool in a flash

P is for the (free) pencils

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Q is for queuing at the checkout

R is for reading all the product names in your best attempt at a Swedish accent

Ikea guide

Image credit: Ikea

S is for Scandinavian style

T is for the tiny tape measures you get in store

U is for calling an Uber when you realise you can’t possibly carry everything back on the bus or train

V is for variety

W is for wishing you had used the delivery service, rather than trying to fit everything into the car

X is one of two letters that have no product names starting with it. The other is Q

Ikea experience

Image credit: Ikea

Y is for yet another candle…

Z is for zzzs. Those beds are so comfy, so why not just have a quick snooze?

How much do you love Ikea?

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