These are the most Instagrammed plants that promise to bring good luck and style to you home

Forget the fortune cookies and grow prosperity

Proud plant parents take note! Grow good vibes only in your home with the most 'fortunate’ plants as ranked on Instagram.

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Online DIY community, has dug around and potted-up stats on the most popular house plants that encourage prosperity. Apparently, every newly sprouted stem of these plants promises love, luck, finance and beyond. Introduce natural freshness and boost the bank account in one!

Many societies around the world believe that certain plants have the power to bring luck, love and prosperity to our lives. If ever there were a time for positive energy, it’s now. Check out these top five leafy life changers.

golden pothos white white wall

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1. Orchids - love, good luck

indoor plants that bring good luck

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Boasting a whopping 4,493,089 hashtags, this exotic pretty is at the top of the Instagram click list. On the hide and seek for love? According to Feng Shui, orchids can bring you fortune in the romance stakes. So whether you’re looking to find a partner, or want to nurture your current relationship, it might be worth investing in this petalled passion-maker.

2. Snake Plants - good luck, energy cleansing

snake plant with wooden table

(Image credit: Aquarius Studio/Shutterstock)

Second place belongs to the protective, energy-giving Snake Plant, with an impressive 408,636 hashtags. Said to fend-off any negative Chi, this household guardian purifies the air to make way for the light, laughter and love. Who knew plants could be such heroes?

3. Peace Lilies - energy cleansing

peace lilies with diary and pen

(Image credit: New Africa/Shutterstock)

With 180,029 hashtags on the ‘gram, this low-maintenance superstar is easy to ’stalk’ (pun intended). Feng Shui beliefs teach that peace lilies have the ability to cleanse any space from negative energy. A peace lily is the perfect plant addition for inexperienced, newbie plant parents, too.

4. Pachira Money Tree - financial luck, good luck

pachira money tree with wooden flooring and cushion

(Image credit: Robert Kneschke/Shutterstock)

The clue's in the name - you guessed it, this cheeky monkey money-maker is meant to bring great financial fortune. It’s no wonder that over 100,000 social-savvy followers have tried their luck by getting one and making it Insta-famous with 175,698 hashtags. 

5. Jade plant - prosperity, success

jade plant with white pot and wooden background

(Image credit: Andrey Nikitin/Shutterstock)

The finale fifth most ‘instagrammable’ plant is the boss lady Jade Plant, with a staggering 123,785 hashtags and approximately 123,785 ‘gram posts. In a time of side hustle shimmies and indie brand break-outs, the ‘yes you can’ Jade Plant means business! 

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Life-leaf shopping list sorted - just what you need for a winning house jungle.