8 things you’ll miss if they close your local Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer isn't just any supermarket. It's a Marks & Spencer supermarket!

Trusty Marks & Spencer – the much-loved high street store has closed a few stores recently, and we can’t help but reminisce about the many afternoons we’ve spent perusing the clothing aisles for the latest must-have leopard-print dress (yes – you know the one), picking up a Percy Pig packet or three, or awkwardly getting fitted for undergarments during those dreaded teenage years.

Marks & Spencer, please don’t go away….

Marks & Spencer

Image credit: Jack Taylor / Stringer

1. The homeware is simply stunning


And we want it all! The retailer has taken inspiration directly from those who matter most – the faithful M&S customer.

2. The cashmere and merino wool jumpers

Marks & Spencer

Image credit: Marks & Spencer

We love a good yarn! And no where does it quite as good (and affordable) as M&S.

3. Your favourite sweet

Marks and spencer

Image credit: Stuart C. Wilson / Stringer

You knew this was coming! Drumroll, please… it can only be Percy Pig and friends. They even have a vegetarian version for all to enjoy. Yes – we can’t get enough of these gummy sweets. In fact, I am eating some as I type.

4. Its unrivalled quality


Ok, so it’s not cheap, but you get what you pay for with M&S. And boy, do they deliver!

5. They love seasonal holidays as much as we do!

Image credit: Marks & Spencer

One word: CHOCOLATE! Their seasonal timings might be off, but we can always be tempted by an abundance of chocolate – all 365 days of the year.

6. M&S adverts celebrate women

That is women of all shapes, sizes, ages and ethnicities. Can I get an Amen?

7. The free next-day store collection

Marks & Spencer

Image credit: Marks & Spencer

Because who really wants to wait a whole week for their order? Not me!

8. The Dine in for Two offer!

Marks & Spencer

Image credit: Marks & Spencer

The dine-in offer means you can bag a main, side and dessert all for a tenner. Steaks, sea bass fillets, lasagne al forno, roasting vegetables and chocolate profiteroles – as well as the popular free bottle of wine. What more could you possibly want for the bargain price of £10?

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