Would you admit to committing this faux pas after moving house?

One in ten Brits admit to forgetting where they live after moving to a new address

Moving is one of the most stressful things you will ever do. It's therefore no surprise that there may be things you forget when moving house. But forgetting where you live, surely not? According to research carried out by West London removals firm Kiwi Movers, that is exactly the case for one in ten of us!

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The study of 1,000 UK adults, found that a staggering 8.2 per cent momentarily forgot they’d even moved house in the weeks after relocating.

'Completely forgetting you’ve moved, even for a moment, typically happens only when someone has moved locally and hasn’t changed much else about their routine.' explains  Regan McMillan, director of Kiwi Movers, 'They’re going to the same place of work, so the reminders only come when they’ve got on the wrong bus home out of habit.'

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Things you forget when moving house?

 1. Inform employer

29 per cent of house-movers forget to update their employer details. This may seem like a simple task given you are there every day, but it's often the most obvious things that are easiest to forget.

2. Council tax

18 per cent forget to update their council tax details. Not paying the correct council tax can be a costly slip-up and one that could incur penalties.

3. Delivery address details

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17 per cent forget to update delivery details for online shopping. This has happened to us all right?! You repeatedly receive  Amazon deliveries addressed to the previous occupant.

4. TV license

11 per cent forget to update the TV License. With modern technology it won't go unnoticed for long, but it's better to sort it before you get a stern letter in the post.

5. Informing schools

6 per cent forget to tell their children's school about the new address. you don't want to be missing out on important school notifications or reports, so make this a priority to update

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Kiwi Removals highly recommend using a post-move checklist, to prevent forgetting all of the move.

 About the study: Kiwi Movers surveyed 1,000 UK adults who have moved house in the last five years. The study was conducted between the dates of February 15th and February 19th 2018


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