The five things you shouldn’t get rid of according to a professional organiser

Or at least, not right away
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  • To live well with less is what we’re all striving for with a good decluttering session. However, according to a professional organiser, there are a few things you shouldn’t get rid of.

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    Professional organiser Nonnahs Driskill, founder of Get Organised Already, revealed that there are five things she wouldn’t get rid of in a clear-out.

    ‘If somebody’s telling me that they’re ready to get rid of something, I rarely will say no,’ she told PureWow. However, there are a few things she’d advice holding onto. Some of them might surprise you.

    Five things you shouldn’t get rid of

    1. Packaging for an expensive item

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    If you’ve recently splurged on a designer handbag or expensive watch it’s worth keeping hold of the packaging if you choose to sell it on.

    ‘Having that increases the resale value,’ says Nonnahs. ‘It makes the buyer feel like they’re getting a higher-quality item.’

    2. Childhood diaries

    Nonnahs’s approach is that if you took the time to write in the journal as a kid. Then that is something important that you should keep, it might even help relate to your children when you have them.

    3. Your partner’s belongings

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    This should be a big common sense no-no. You might know there is a stack of old T-Shirts they never wear in the wardrobe. However, unless you get permission to send them packing to the charity shop, keep far away with your decluttering energy.

    4. Personal items from a lost love one

    Clearing out belongings from a loved one who has died is the toughest decluttering challenge there is. Nonnahs recommends waiting three to 12 months before deciding whether or not to keep any personal items. That may be an old cookbook, photos or their favourite piece of clothing.

    5. A container that’s missing lid

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    Image credit: David Giles

    This might sound counterproductive, however, you might one day find that container is a useful storage solution. Nonnahs suggests that if you have space creating a dedicated ‘I’ll use this later’ shelf.

    However, be careful that this doesn’t turn into another cluttered junk shelf. If you get to the end of the year, check through the shelf and reconsider items that are still waiting to be used.

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    It can be tempting to go overboard during a decluttering. However, remember to be mindful when choosing what to keep and throw away.

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