A professional organiser shares her unique technique for keeping a home clutter-free

How to keep your home tidy with minimal effort

Keeping your home tidy and organised feels like a never ending task. Professional organiser Rhiannan Morgan shares her tips for organising your home, guaranteed to keep your house spick and span with minimal effort.

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Rhiannan, a busy mum of four knows how difficult staying organised can be. She regularly shares her tips on her blog Mummy of Four.

Collaborating with Wren Kitchens, Rhiannan has pulled together a crib sheet of her five top tips for maintaining a clean home. Including a unique way to identify and get rid of clutter hotspots using your phone camera.

Five tips for organising your home

1.Tackle decluttering first

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'Before you organise your home, you need to tackle all the clutter,' explains Rhiannan. This is a critical step especially if you are short on space.

'When deciding whether to keep an item, ask yourself the following two questions: Do I love it? And do I need it?'

'If the answer is not yes to at least one of these questions, then it's time to say goodby,' she says.

2. Identify danger zones

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Once you've had a good clear out you need to work out where the clutter is congregating. Rhiannan explains that this is usually near the front door, the living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

'Pretend you're a visitor and walk around your home to look for clusters of clutter,' advises Rhiannon.

Her top tip is to walk around and take a video on your phone. 'When you watch it back, you'll likely notice clutter that you're usually oblivious to.'

3.Organise your cupboard with baskets

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Instead of placing items directly into cupboards, Rhiannon recommends implementing a basket system.

'The basket system makes it easier to organise items into categories, meaning you can avoid a mismatched mayhem of cupboards,' she explains. 'By sorting your cupboard with baskets, you can access the things you need much easier - and it will be quicker to clean.'

4. Consider when you will need items

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'When choosing where to store items, ask yourself when you'll actually need to use them,' suggests Rhiannon.

'Considering the arrangement of the contents in your cupboards can be helpful when keeping your home organised as you know where everything's place is.'

That mean no more rummaging thought you cupboards for ages when you need to find something.

5.Regularly stock-take and rotate

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This is a key tip for keeping your kitchen cupboards or pantry organised. Before going to the supermarket, look inside your cupboards and see what you already have.

'That way, you can ensure you're using up food within its shelf life, and it'll help you to spend less, as you won't buy any unnecessary duplicate food items,' she says.

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Bringing order to your home doesn't need to be a full-time job. Follow these simple tips and you'll hopefully find that with minimal effort your house is tidier than ever.

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