A productivity expert reveals a genius hack for staying on top of household tasks

Because keeping motivated while staying home isn't always easy
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  • If you are struggling to stay on top of life admin and household tasks during lockdown, a few simple changes could give you a productivity boost.

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    Decluttering, organising and generally getting on top of life admin are all small steps we can all take at the moment to feel better in our homes. A study by Freeview revealed that 60% of people felt a sense of achievement, fulfilment and calm after sorting out life admin at home.

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    However, while lockdown might seem the perfect time to get on top of household tasks, staying productive can be tough.

    Productivity coach, Juliet Landau-Pope, has revealed her top tips on how to stay on top of household admin when stuck at home. Juliet regularly coaches teens and adults to develop time management skills and offers a virtual decluttering and organising service.

    Tips for tackling life admin at home

    Make yourself accountable

    If you have a particular task that needs doing but are struggling to feel motivated, get one of your friends set a deadline.

    ‘Committing to a deadline and sharing that promise can help you to overcome procrastination,’ explains Juliet. ‘Make a plan and then message a trusted colleague or friend. Be specific about the task and the time frame.’

    Carry out home admin away from your desk

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    If you’re working from home, it is worth moving to somewhere else in the house to carry out any life admin tasks. This might be tricky if you don’t have a desk and are using the kitchen table or sofa.

    ‘It might seem impossible to differentiate between roles, but one solution is to sit in a different place so that you vary the view of the room,’ suggest Juliet. ‘Another option might be to listen to music while you’re dealing with personal admin but turn it off while you’re working.’

    Schedule appointments with yourself

    Instead of waiting for a day when you feel like completing admin – that will probably never come – plan a day in your calendar.

    ‘Planning can make all the difference,’ explains Juliet. ‘Rather than waiting for a day when you might feel like completing life admin, schedule a date and time in your diary or calendar and hold yourself to it.’

    Set a timer

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    If you are still struggling to motivate yourself to sort out the household bills or clean the kitchen consider setting a 15-minute timer.

    See how much you can get done in that small window of time. This tactic is a favourite of cleaning guru Lynsey Queen of Clean.

    ‘You’re less likely to feel bored if you know the session is limited,’ explains Juliet. ‘And secondly, it enables you to compete against yourself.’

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    Will you be trying any of these tips to finally get all those household chores done?

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