Working from home? Here are six ways to be more productive

A few simple things to remember, to get more done

We've tried to put it off but it seems a lot more of us will be working from home over the coming months. Some might be familiar with working from home, but for others it’ll be the first time they’ve ever had to do so.

At first, it can be pretty strange working in an environment that you traditionally unwind in, but there are a number of things you can do to ensure your days working from home are just as valuable as days in the office.

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For those worried about staying productive during the day, here are some important things to remember...

1. Get dressed

Whitbedroom wardrobe with chair and cushion

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Working from home involves a lot of self-motivation — so if you’re still in your PJs or loungewear, it's likely that you’ll have a lethargic mindset, rather than a focussed one.

Getting showered and dressed will help you psychologically prepare for a day at the office — even if it is from the comfort of your own home. It also looks a lot better if you have video calls with your colleagues... #justsaying.

2. Still get up early

Whilst your commute to the office is likely to have been replaced with a minute-long walk to your study or lounge, that doesn’t mean that you should still lie in bed until the last minute.

Your brain still needs to wake up in the morning, so give yourself some time to have breakfast and get ready — just as if you were leaving the house.

3. Create a space to work

home office desk

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As tempting as it is to work from bed, it’s better to have a designated working space set up to ensure maximum productivity. Psychologically, your brain will then make the association that the area is a place to work.

We appreciate that's not easy, especially in a small flat. But you could always repurpose your dressing table, grab your fold-down garden table from the shed or even commandeer the dining table and make everyone eat dinner on the sofa for a few weeks. I'm sure they won't mind!

4. Get your wifi working faster

There’s nothing worse than settling down to work only to have technology problems (and no tech team on hand to fix them). If your house struggles with high-speed internet, there are a number of gadgets which can improve WiFi.

Netgear’s Orbi Dual-Band system has three separate units — one router and two satellites — to boost connection in the areas of the house which need it.

Buy now: Netgear Orbi Dual-Band router, £149.99, Currys

5. Structure your day

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As humans, we crave structure and working from home can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Try to establish a rough routine, just like you would in the office, this will help you to plan your day. Whether that’s tackling most emails in the morning or having your lunch at a certain time — organisation will help with overall productivity.

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6. Have short breaks

Studies have found that short breaks can increase a worker’s ability to concentrate. So just as you would chat to your colleague or make yourself a cup of tea in the office, be sure to take regular breaks at home, too.

This could be a quick walk around the block or having regular snack times which involve getting up and going to the kitchen.

Right, better get on then...