Top dogs for country dwellers

From lively Labradors to boisterous Beagles, these pet pooches feel right at home in the countryside...

1. Golden Retriever
No traditional country pub scene would be complete without a beautiful Golden Retriever snoozing beneath the table after a long country walk. These gentle giants are extremely loving, unconditionally devoted and everybody's best friend... perhaps not the best choice if you're looking for an effective guard dog!

golden retriever dog

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2. Border Collie
Known as the workaholics of the dog world, Border Collies are still used today to herd sheep on farms. Endless amounts of energy, stamina and drive keep them going all day long. Highly intelligent, they're easy to train, too – just make sure you're prepared to live with a dog that's smarter than you are!

3. Cocker Spaniel
When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge decided to get a dog, they opted for a Cocker Spaniel – and we can see why!
These royal favourites will accompany you anywhere and always with a hypothetical
‘smile on their face'; they're just as happy cuddling up on the sofa as they are charging through fields on a rainy day!

cocker spaniel dog

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4. Labrador
We've all seen the Andrex ad – gambling Labrador puppies melt even the coldest of hearts. Don't be fooled by their comical clumsiness and compact size, this boisterous breed quickly grows into a big strong adult that needs plenty of space, exercise and food to keep it from chewing everything in sight!

5. Border Terrier
Calm and compassionate in nature, Border Terriers are an appealing addition to any country home, particularly one with children. However, while they may love cuddles, they're certainly no lapdog; originally bred in the 18th century by farmers to catch rats, they're prized for their boundless energy and hunting instincts to this day.


border terrier dog

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6. Jack Russell
What Jack Russells lack in height they make up for in boldness. Naughty, noisy and sometimes feisty, it takes a firm hand to show these top dogs whose boss, but their hilariously mischievous mishaps make it hard to stay cross with them for too long!

7. Beagle
Friendly, fun and peaceful with other pets, Beagles are never happier than when they're following an interesting scent, a trait that can result in owners spending a fair bit of time with their heads down rabbit holes – you've been warned!

beagle dog

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