10 travel-inspired interiors every globetrotter will love

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  • Create 5* luxury at home with these travel-inspired interiors

    Fall for far East Asia and be captivated by the Caribbean – without even going there.

    Whether you’re dreaming of surf lessons on a Balinese beach or grape picking in northern Argentina, take inspiration from cultures and countries around the globe by channelling your most desired travel destinations into your interior design.

    Enthral yourself and your house guests with henna patterns and vibrant zebra prints that will cure your blues and (almost) make you feel like you are really there.

    Start your mood board now – the world is your oyster…

    Imitate Indian print

    Image credit: Not On The High Street

    Take yourself on a zen retreat to India with captivating, swirling paisley prints and splashed of burnt orange and vibrant pink. Finish the look in burnt ochre and rusty carmine like the setting sun on an Indian summer eve.

    Hunker down in the Highlands

    Image credit: David Brittain

    Escape to the Scottish peaks with a hunter lodge interior. Fix your eyes on woollen tartan, wooden slats and a heap load of faux fur if you are dreaming of weekends in the wilderness.

    Carry your woes to the Caribbean

    Image credit: Neil Mersh

    Dance to jazz and sway to sultry blues music with vibrant furniture and vivid coloured walls which will add some va va voom to your dreary, sun depleted rooms.

    Enjoy the city life

    Image credit: James Gardiner

    Channel Brooklyn-inspired lofts if you are dreaming of the Big Apple. Steal the traditional Brownstown look by exposing distressed brick walls, dangling industrial lights from spindly cables and opting for basic oak worktops.

    Scurry off on a safari

    Image credit: Neil Mersh

    Take a journey through the desert if you are lusting after zesty colours and elegant animal prints. This green and blue backdrop is the perfect Sahara substitute with a stylish hammock chair.

    Submerge yourself in the coastal scene

    Image credit: Simon Scarboro

    If you haven’t got time to get down to Cornwall for the weekend then bring the coast to you. Simple woven rugs in taupe, plus wicker baskets, chains of dainty shells and a pale blue palette will instantly add the sound of lapping waves to city life.

    Bunk off to the Brazilian jungle

    Image credit: James Merrell

    Stay in a little hut in the Amazon jungle with an evergreen design. Whether finished in a vibrant emerald hue or simply in black and white, the stencil of a few canopy leaves instantly add a tropic topic to any interior.

    Make it to Morocco

    Make it to Morocco with an intimate seating area like this one. The trick is to clash stripes, geometrics and chevron prints in similar shades to create a fashion that looks collected and not chaotic.

    Ski off piste

    Image credit: Paul Raeside

    Slope off to Whistler with a cosy chalet inspired room. You’ll need tonnes of shaggy faux fur, firewood displays, exposed timbers and cosy cushions to make it feel like you are perched on top of the world.

    Dive into the Great Barrier blue

    Image credit: Jake Curtis

    Dive into an ocean of blue with an overload of the pigment. Royal blue mixed with punches of peacock, tones of teal and sightings of stone will add different dimensions to your underwater, diving dream scene.

    Which holiday destination is your favourite?

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