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room with fireplace flower vase and sofa set with cushions

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How would you describe your decorating style? Modern? Country? Scandi? Eclectic? Or maybe you've never really stopped to think about it before. Or perhaps the very thought of nailing down a perfect style is so overwhelming, you just want to hide under some coats! That's OK – even the Ideal Home team feels like that sometimes!

So that's why we thought we'd ease you in with this fun decorating personality quiz. We hope that, by answering these few questions, we can guide you towards a scheme that's ideal for your tastes and lifestyle. And at the end, you can click through to shop said look from our collections at Very. Enjoy!

Simple Scandi

room with sofa set cushions and chair

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You're all about fun! You love to experiment with bold geometric patterns and you can't resist a splash of cheery colour – whether that's a sunny yellow, a pretty pink or a coastal blue. You want furniture that's comfortable but practical, too, in simple shapes that won't date too quickly, but still show off your style credentials.

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Modern Country

bedroom with wooden wall and white wall

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You don't have to 'live in a house, a very big house in the country' to lust after this look. So easy to live with, modern rustic style is all about Shaker-style furniture and classic prints – we're talking plaids, ticking stripes and neutral florals. Get this scheme right once, and you'll barely need to redecorating going forward. Though we would recommend you apply a fresh coat of paint to the walls and switch up your accessories once in a while.

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Hotel Luxe

hotel bedroom with grey wall

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You love spa days and indulgent nights staying in the most upmarket hotels. If it doesn't have at least a 600 thread count, that sheet isn't making it onto your bed, and three pillows per head is a bare minimum. Kelly Hoppen is your style heroine, and you'd take layered neutrals over bold colours, every time.

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Modern Glamour

room with fireplace flower vase and sofa set with cushions

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You're a fashionista at heart, who puts as much into styling your home as you do picking your Saturday night outfit. You're not afraid of making a statement, whether its through a bold choice of wallpaper or dazzling metallic accessories. Luxury will nearly always win out over practicality – those mirrored surfaces are almost as high maintenance as you are!

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So how did you get on? And do you agree with the outcome?

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