Is it a house? Is a mobile home? No it's a Micro Vipp Shelter!

This small but perfectly formed mail order micro home is just 55m2 and comes fully furnished with all mod cons for compact living. All you need do is decide where to put it!

glass cabinet house with grey walls and wooden flooring
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There's no place like a micro home, and the location is up to you! Vipp, a Danish company better known for its iconic peddle bins has come up with what they describe as a ‘plug and play getaway'.
The ingenious prefabricated box home has been designed down to the last detail so every precious inch is utilised to become a streamlined, functional space built for modern capsule living.

cabinet glass house with wooden flooring and grey walls

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The steel structure consists of two levels with only the bathroom and bed loft shielded from view. Designed to make the most of nature and your location, where ever that may be, floor-to-ceiling sliding windows steal the show in the open plan living area allowing you to soak up your environment and become at one with nature.

grey cabinet house with glass ceiling

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However, if "colour" and "cosy" are your buzz words you might prefer a boutique hotel break as the Vipp shelter has a moody dark toned and minimalist interior carefully selected to create the illusion of space which allows the building to blend naturally into it's surroundings.

glass cabinet house with green trees and stones

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No need to worry about filling the car with camping equipment, the shelter comes fully equipped to ensure there is a modern and stylish feel including all home comforts; from linen to a toilet brush and of course a nifty peddle bin.

grey cabinet house with kitchen having grey walls

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The Vipp shelter can be yours for just 485,000 Euros (that's around £348,170 at time of print). But don't sell your time-share just yet as there is a production time of about six months, as well as delivery costs from Copenhagen.

For more information about the Vipp Plug and Play Getaway Shelter visit .Vipp



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