Cleaning guru shares her ingenious space-saving trick for storing plastic bags

This space-saving trick is set to change how we store shopping bags forever!

We all strive to have just one trusty 'bag for life' to save the planet while we shop. But in reality most of us still have a kitchen drawer or cupboard full, am I right?  So just what is the best way to store plastic bags?

Online 'cleanfluencer' Mrs D has amazed the masses by sharing her tip for neatly storing plastic bags. It's a game-changer folks!

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We see a lot of ingeniously clever cleaning tricks here at Ideal Home HQ but this is up as one of the greatest! So simple yet so unbelievably effective.

Forget scrunching and trying to squish all your bags into cupboards and drawers, closing the doors quick enough to prevent them firing back out! Mrs D folds her bags, then she can neatly stack them in a small basket – taking up limited space.

Here she shows us how...

room with white wall and plastic bags in basket

(Image credit: Mrs D cleaning reviews)

Relating to our plight of how to store plastic bags Mrs D explains, ‘most people scrunch them up and put them in a drawer thats overflowing. Or scrunch them up and put them in the car for next time...even though you'll forget to take them into the supermarket with you.’ A routine we all know too well.

Mrs D saves the day suggesting, 'Keep them organised by folding them neatly into a triangle and then you can keep them stored neatly in a basket. Freeing up much needed space in you drawers & Cupboards. Happy Cleaning 😘'.

Explaining how it's done Mrs d tells us, 'Fold one side of the bag to the opposite handle. Then fold the other side on top to meet the other handle. Push all the air out of the bag and fold the bag into three, creating a square.'

'Fold from corner to corner to make a triangle and then create a second triangle. Now you can fold the handles over the bag to secure it.'

Sharing with her 34k Instagram follows Mrs D's post was met with 150 comments of appreciation...

‘Fantastic, I'm going to do this tonight. I have a drawer full of bags. Thanks for the tip Mrs D 👏xx’.

‘Such a good idea! 🙌’, cried another.

Clearly in the know, another writes, ‘Love it. I do mine in little triangles too. So easy to Chuck one in my handbag if I’m popping out for a couple of bits x

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If you didn't know the folding trick, you do now – and you're welcome. We will honestly never scrunch a carrier bag ever again.

Of course we should all be using less plastic, but the few we do have we will be folding from here on in.


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