This sink hack will change how you wash up forever – and it’s so simple!

Ever wondered what the circle on your sink is for? Cleaning queen shares her amazing hack to make use of it

Say good goodbye to bottles of washing up liquid on the side! This ingenious sink hack finally eliminates the need for bottles on show. Plus it gives a purpose to the small circle on your kitchen sink – and it's effortless.

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One cleaning expert had the genius idea to remove the circle altogether! And luckily for us, she tells us how we can all get involved.

Genius washing up sink hack

Annoyed by constantly having to keep a bottle of washing up liquid by the sink, Mrs D, from Chorley, cleverly found a use for the kitchen sink circle.

Explaining the sink hack on Instagram, Mrs D removes the circle and inserts a soap dispenser into it. Not only does it fit in neatly alongside her taps, but it also removes the need to have a soap bottle next to the sink always.

The Instagram cleaner took to social media to show us all how it can be done.

Say goodbye to the sink circle

In her video on the Mrs D's Cleaning Tips Instagram account, Mrs D firstly explains why the circle is there on the sink in the first place.

'If you've ever wondered what this little circle is on your sink, It's actually where your tap would go if your sink was the other way round. And this disc can actually be removed very easy,' explains Mrs D.

The cleaning fanatic then removes the disc from her sink and replaces it with a pump dispenser she bought from Amazon. Mrs D fits the pump dispenser into her sink, then fills it up with her favourite washing up soap.

sink cleaner material and plants

(Image credit: Future PLC/Polly Eltes)

'If you're like me and hate having your dish soap or hand soap cluttering up your sink area than this little pump dispenser is the perfect solution for you,' continues Mrs D.

Cleaning fans showed their appreciation of Mrs D's sink hack in the comments. 'OMG!!! That's absolutely perfect!' wrote one fan, while others said they were off to buy the dispenser.

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We hope this changes your washing up game forever!