Make your tree lights smart this Christmas – using simple £15 gadget

Don't be left in the dark about smart lighting this year
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  • The popularity of smart Christmas lights is soaring. And while they are fabulous, sadly they’re not for every budget – with many smart solutions costing upwards of £100 for a set of lights.

    But what if we revealed you could transform your existing set of Christmas lights into a smart set, with voice control? All for £15! With a simple smart plug.

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    Make your Christmas tree lights smart for £15

    Christmas living room with red and white decorations

    Image credit: Mark Scott

    We’ve found a solution that’s as simple as ‘Alexa turn on the tree lights’ or ‘Hey Google’ and hey presto – illumination central! That’s right, this voice-Enabled TCP smart plug elevates tree lights from simple to smart at a super low cost.

    Gone are the days of crawling under the tree, getting covered in pine needles and risking bauble breakages, to switch on the tree lights. Now you can do the job from the comfort of the sofa, thanks to the ease and convenience of this smart gadget.

    The TCP Smart Wi-Fi Plug is compatible with Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant.  Connecting directly to the Wi-Fi. Making it possible to activate any electrical appliance, such as the Christmas lights, via your smartphone or voice assistant.

    Smart plug

    Simply plug the TCP Smart plug into any power socket, and you’re ready to start communicating with your devices. Setting the scene with ambient festive light in mere seconds with the words ‘Alexa, turn on the tree’.

    TCP Smart Plug-through Socket Adaptor 240V: £15, B&Q
    Buy 2 TCP Smart Plugs for £20. Discount applied at checkout. Handy for homes with 2 trees.

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    You can also ensure you return home to a welcoming glow of tree lights, by using remote control of your devices via the TCP Smart app.

    With one app, no hub and no subscription. TCP Smart is the smart tech solution designed to make building a smart home simple, easy and affordable for all.

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    Will you be going smart with your Christmas lights this year?

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