The exact date you should turn your heating off, according to boiler experts

It's right on time for the start of the spring season

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As energy bills and cost of living increase, many are looking to turn their heating off as soon as the reasonable time comes to save energy at home – and it's looking a lot earlier than expected.

With the promise of warmer weather among us and the clocks going forward this week, it's safe to say that spring is right around the corner. More and more people are keeping their heating on for shorter amounts of time, up to the point until it's no longer necessary. This is the exact date you should turn your heating off, according to experts.

radiator in white room with plants

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The exact date you should turn your heating off

Heating experts at BOXT say that the 26th of March is the official day to turn your central heating off, so you can start cutting costs on energy bills and make the most of promised warmer spring season that's (hopefully) coming our way soon.

'With the cost of living rising across the country, many Brits will be feeling the financial squeeze. While many may be waiting for the temperature to change, there is no single temperature at which you should turn your heating off, however, many aim for the time when clocks go forward, which this year falls on the 26th of March,' says Andy Kerr, founder at BOXT.

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According to experts at Utility Bidder, so much of when you decide to turn your heating off will depend on how well you've insulated your home and what your ideal home temperature is.

'Better insulated homes will be able to keep warm even when temperatures are low into the early spring, but every home will be different. The most effective way to control your heating is to use a room thermostat that is set between 18 and 21°C.'

Andy Kerr at BOXT adds the reminder that leaving your heating on low does not reduce your heating bills – only having the heating on when you need it is the best way to save energy. He even recommends looking into smart heating.

radiator in white room with plants

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But just because the experts say it's time to turn your heating off doesn't mean you should compromise your comfort if you're still shivering (understandable considering the weather we've had recently).

There are plenty of heating tricks that could save you money to try as well as energy-saving products to help you further cut costs on your utility bills until you're ready.

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Beyond recommended timeframes from the experts, your comfort in your home is on a case-to-case basis. In reality, there isn't a perfect time to turn your heating off as there are many variable factors. At the end of the day, turn your heating off when it best suits you.

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