This heating trick could save you up to £140 – you won't even notice the change

You won't feel the difference, but you'll see the change in your bills

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Experts reveal that you can save on your energy bills just by making this ever-so-slight adjustment to your heating habits – you won't even be able to tell a difference, but the savings don't lie.

With heavy snow forecast for the month of February, Brits are more than likely going to take shelter within the warmth of their homes. But with energy prices soaring, how can we continually combat trying to save energy at home while also trying to keep the house warm in winter?

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Data shows searches for 'help with energy bills' have increased 94% in the month of December 2022 as people look for ways to manage. The experts are coming at us hot with one tip, in particular, to keep costs down: turn the heating down by one degree.

It might seem like an obvious tip, but it's actually so often that we're guilty of setting the thermostat too high. Experts recommend anywhere between 18-21 degrees as the perfect room temperature during winter to achieve optimal comfort.

Whatever temperature is set, Jess Steele, heating technology expert at BestHeating says that even bringing it down by just one degree can save you 'up to 10% on your heating bill.' You might've set it to 20 degrees for the longest time, not knowing that going down to 19 degrees doesn't actually feel much different.

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It's a slight change that you can make right now that's fuss-free and simple. Stephen Hankinson, managing director at Electric Radiators Direct agrees saying, 'Turning down your thermostat by one degree may not even make a difference to how you feel, and yet could add up to significant savings across the year.'

'According to research, lowering your central heating thermostat setting by 1 degree, from 19 to 18, could lead to a 1,530 kWh saving per household per year. At current prices, this could be a saving of around £140 on your energy bill.'

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However, if you really do feel the difference, then there are plenty of ways to stay warm without messing with the thermostat. From learning how to insulate a home to bagging the best electric blanket to have on hand for those chilly mornings, staying warm at home doesn't have to feel like an impossible feat that has to cost a fortune.

Will you be making that slight adjustment to the thermostat?

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