Wilko storage racks designed for small kitchens – including ingenious 3-tier organiser

These are the 'Lots of Little Wins' created to make our homes more practical
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  • The customer is always right, right? Wilko have taken that sentiment to a whole new level with their ‘Lots of Little Wins’ initiative – where customers have a say on what they want from their household buys.

    The following kitchen storage racks have been designed and sourced by the creative in-house team, as a direct response to customer feedback and requests.

    With small kitchens at the heart, these are all designed to tackle storage issues when space is limited. And of course because it’s Wilko, the price points are super small too!

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    ‘Wilko puts the customer at the heart of everything it does,’ explains Victoria Bradley, design director at Wilko. ‘Not least when it comes to designing unique, innovative products that solve their everyday needs and problems.’

    Wilko kitchen cupboard organiser

    kitchen storage racks 3-tier design for inside cupboards

    Photo credit: Wilko

    This simple, yet totally ingenious shelf storage design caused the biggest reaction here at Ideal Home HQ! In agreement we loved that our cupboard storage could be elevated to new heights – quite literally. See all the condiments, herbs and spices in one quick glance thanks to this smart 3-tier design.

    Wilko tell us this was designed to ‘never lose things at the back of your cupboard again with this tiered shelf organiser. With three tiers, this organiser makes it easy to see and reach what’s at the back of the shelf.’

    Buy now: Wilko Kitchen Organiser Rectangular 3 Tier, £4, Wilko

    ‘With the help of an in-house design team, Wilko has created thousands of quality products to make the most of families’ time and money,’ Victoria goes on to say. ‘The design team work hard at designing helpful products to solve the common problems we all encounter whilst taking care of our homes.’

    Wilko over door pan rack

    kitchen storage racks pan lids over-door design

    Photo credit: Wilko

    This clever number is designed to help keep pans and their lids handy, yet perfectly stored. Using this over-door device in kitchen cupboards allows you to stack the pans one inside the other, without the lids going astray.

    With space for four saucepan lids, this rack is ideal for freeing up shelf space when it’s already at a premium.

    Buy now: Overdoor Pan Lid Rack, £2.50, Wilko

    Wilko over door storage rack

    kitchen storage racks over-door hanging design

    Photo credit: Wilko

    The range explores using every inch of space on offer in small kitchens – even behind open doors. This easy to assemble rack includes 4 wire shelves for you to store all your kitchen essentials to hand.

    In addition to the kitchen this rack could equally create extra storage space in a bedroom or bathroom.

    Buy now: Over Door Storage Rack, £10, Wilko

    The perfect potato masher…

    kitchen storage racks and Little wins designed accessories

    Photo credit: Wilko

    Ok so it’s not a storage solution, but it is the best example of the lengths  Wilko will go to. The range scales any product category that can help improve customers homes’. Designing the perfect masher is all all part of the service.

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    Speak up in stores if you feel there is a product that Wilko don’t currently stock, that could potentially make life in the kitchen easier.

    Do you already own any of these clever kitchen accessories?


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