The £3.50 buy that doubles kitchen storage in an instant is back in stock!

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  • At present we’re organising kitchen cupboards like never before. And it can’t just be me that wishes I had more storage space?! That’s where this simple £3.50 Wilko kitchen storage shelf proves invaluable. So simple, yet SO effective.

    It’s the hero kitchen accessory that continuously sells out in record time. But the good news is that Wilko restock it time and time again – and even better news, it’s back in stock right now!

    The simple rack is a real game-changer for kitchen storage – especially if you have a small kitchen with limited shelving.

    Wilko’s most-wanted kitchen storage shelf

    Wilko shares the ingenious kitchen storage shelf with fans on Instagram. Writing, ‘Who, us? 😳 No, we haven’t spent all of today reorganising the cupboards 😬 😂 Who else is finding organisation a great way to de-clutter the mind (and house)P.S. What a great idea to use our hanging storage shelves to store kitchen roll!’

    ‘What a good idea 😍’ says one fan. ‘KITCHEN ROLL HOLDER’ shouts another.

    The hanging storage shelf is just one of the many hero Wilko products, all designed to meet the needs of its customers.

    kitchen storage shelf from Wilko

    Image credit: Wilko

    Wilko say, ‘Our hanging shelf storage is perfect for small kitchens. It hangs from the bottom of the shelf above, storing bowls, cups and more, whilst still allowing further storage underneath.’ Quite simply ingenious in our eyes.

    Buy now: Hanging Storage Shelf,£3.50, Wilko

    The customer is always right, right? The sentiment is taken to a whole new level at Wilko with their ‘Lots of Little Wins’ initiative – where customers have a say on what they want from their household buys.

    The kitchen storage shelf along with lots of other storage solutions have been designed and sourced by the creative in-house team, as a direct response to customer feedback and requests.

    Image credit: Wilko

    With small kitchens at the heart, these are all designed to tackle storage issues when space is limited. And of course because it’s Wilko, the price points are super small too!

    Buy now: 3 Tier Rectangular Kitchen organiser, £4.50, Wilko

    ‘Wilko puts the customer at the heart of everything it does,’ explains Victoria Bradley, design director at Wilko. ‘Not least when it comes to designing unique, innovative products that solve their everyday needs and problems.’

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    Wilko encourages shoppers to speak up in stores if they feel there is a product they don’t currently stock – that could potentially make life in the kitchen a little easier.

    Do you own any of the smart Wilko kitchen accessories? Or do you have a budding idea for a new gadget? It’s your time to shine.

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