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  • Shut out the neighbours with pretty window film for your bathroom

    Jessamy Smit - image -

    We discovered a few weekends ago that, however frosted our bathroom window seems from the inside, it is in fact as see-through as bog-standard glass from the outside.

    Our first solution – to head straight to our local B&Q and snap up some blinds – fell flat when we realised that the last time we’d attempted this, we had to call in a decorator to finish the job.

    The second solution was to sling a towel over the window to shield us from prying eyes. Needless to say, the towel is still in position. 

    The long-term answer may lie in opaque window film from The Window Film Company. Not only will it protect my modesty, it will also let in the natural light, crucial for a non-gloomy bathroom.

    The all-over spotted design I’ve got my eye on is a good deal more appealing than the towel, too! 

    It can also be cut to my exact measurements, which means no decorator required. 

    Prices from £25, The Window Film Company.

    Jess Smit, Homes Network Editor  

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