Be wowed by realistic metallic wallpapers

These incredible wallpapers will give you the ultimate hotel style

It probably hasn't escaped your attention that copper is everywhere. With brass being the newest hot metal on the block, is bronze on the horizon, too? Either way, the trend for metallics is still sizzling and won't be going anywhere any time soon. So how do you use it in your home? Accessories are an easy way to get that glow, but if you're feeling brave, go all out and use statement metallic wallpaper for a look that will set your room alight.

You'd expect to see the wallpapers in the new collections below to grace the walls of a rather swanky restaurant or exclusive hotel, but thanks to advances in wallpaper printing, you can have that uber-cool, hotel style at home (and for less than a stay in said smart hotels... just!). The incredible matt, shiny and tactile finishes have to be seen to be believed and although the prices may still limit their use to just a feature wall, they'll still definitely make a stunning statement.

The shiny - and they really are shiny - new wallpapers from Harlequin, the Carlucci di Chivasso range at JAB Anstoetz and Élitis perfectly showcase the cutting-edge effects that give them their glam look and tactile finishes.

1) Anthology 03 collection, Harlequin

The ultra glam Anthology 03 range from Harlequin has been inspired by
industrial materials with an opulent twist. Look for the effect of
beaten and oxidised metal, string and wood imprints that have been
brought to life with beaded, sparkling surfaces, textured and foil

These stunning, shimmering wallpapers are inspired by industrial materials.
Anthology 03 collection,

from £89 per roll,


The starting point for the metal-tile-design Oxidise wallpaper was a rusty box transformed
with a shining foil finish.
Oxidise wallpaper,

from £89 per roll, Anthology 03 collection,


Vesta wallpaper's beaten-metal effect is created on fabric-backed vinyl for
an embossed finish
Vesta wallpaper,

from £89 per roll, Anotholgy 03 collection,


2) Atmosphere collection, Carlucci di Chivasso range, JAB Anstoetz

The Atmosphere collection from Carlucci di Chivasso range from JAB Anstoetz is split into two strands - the more daring Phantom and the subtly sophisticated Ghost, which uses matt metalics to give the effect of marble, wood, bamboo, eggshell, leather and stone finishes. Prices start at £85.95 per roll.

This shimmering plaster effect is created with a textured layer over a soft gold background to create a subtle gleam.

Guru wallpaper,

from £85.95 per roll, Atmosphere Ghost collection,

Carlucci di Chivasso range, JAB Anstoetz

This wallpaper gives a double hit of glam, using animal prints with a subtle bronze glow.

Prowl wallpaper,

from £85.95 per roll,

Atmosphere Phantom collection,

Carlucci di Chivasso range, JAB Anstoetz

3) Auteur & Éditeur collections,


Élitis is no strangers to jaw-dropping statement wallpapers. With its new Auteur & Éditeur collections, the company has been inspired by real surfaces and materials from industrial to natural. Particularly striking are the Luminescent wallpapers, which include tactile, beaten-metal finishes and a wood effect created by contrasting colours of metallic strands, whilst the Samarcande designs have stunning, quilted, mirror-shine finishes and burnished-metal sheet.

Spiritu has a foil, high shine mirror-like finish.
Spiritu wallpaper, Samarcande collection, Auteur &

Éditeur, Elitis

The design of metal sheets are separated by tiny rivets, while brushed-metallic highlights create a textured effect.
Khan wallpaper, Samarcande collection, Auteur & É



This cool, copper wall has a subtle, iridescent shine created by woven, metallic strands. Vega wallpaper, Luminescent collection,

Auteur &



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