Celebrating British Flowers Week: Arranging with campions, alliums and astrantias

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  • In this video Amanda Austin talks through her stunning floral arrangement for British Flowers Week, which runs from 13th – 19th June, using campions, alliums, astrantias and sweet peas.

    Amanda explains how to make her chosen blooms last longer.
    “The best way to make sweet peas longer-lasting is to change the water every day. Anything that the sap is rising in, if you change the water the flowers will last longer – we keep sweet peas in the shop for 10 days.”

    Amanda has created a stunning garden-themed display for British Flowers Week using hollowed out tree trunks as vases.

    In another tip, she explains: “A hydranga will recover from anything if you stand it in water every day. Stand it in a bucket of water until the bubbles stop, take it out and wait for the water to drain away. Dunk its heads – they drink more from the head than the roots. It’s the same for cut flowers which is why we split them stems and take the innards out.”

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