Pin It or Bin It: How to make a pegboard shelving unit

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  • In this episode of Pin it or Bin it Heather takes a shot at making a DIY pegboard-shelving unit. Will Heather’s DIY skills and patience lead to a successful result? Or will it all come crashing down? Watch to find out more…
    For this shelving unit you will need:
    – some ¾ inch board or plywood
    – a plank or board to use as your shelves
    – a length of dowel
    – a saw
    – a drill with a spade bit the same size as your dowel
    – a mallet
    – a pencil
    – a tape measure
    – some sandpaper.
    Step 1: Measure 4 inches from the top of your board and 5 inches from the edge and mark a cross. Repeat this process in rows until you have marked the entire board.
    Step 2: Drill a hole on each cross that you have marked out on the board.
    Step 3: Turn the board over and pick off or sand any splintered pieces of wood so it is smooth on both sides.
    Step 4: Take your plank of wood and measure out and mark how long you want your shelf to be using the holes on your board as a guide.
    Step 5: Saw the plank of wood along where you have marked.
    Step 6: Measure your dowel against your plank of wood and mark it so it is the same length as the depth of your shelf. Then saw your dowel along where you have marked. You will need 2 pieces of dowel per shelf therefore cut as many pieces as relevant for you.
    Step 7: Place your dowel pieces into the holes in your board and gently tap them down with the mallet to fix them into place.
    Step 8: Take your shelves and place them over the top of your dowel.The finished result is a pegboard-shelving unit. Although this is not the easiest project to do alone, Heather was successful and she declares it a pin it win it.

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