Pin It or Bin It: How to make a rope basket

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  • In this episode of Pin It or Bin It Heather has a go at trying to make a cool and trendy rope basket. Is it all as easy as it seems? Will her craft experience be a pin it or a bin it? Watch to find out more…
    For this basket you will need:
    – some embroidery thread
    – a long length of cotton rope
    – sharp scissors
    – a darning needle
    Step 1: Cut a length of thread as long as possible without it getting tangled whilst making the basket.
    Step 2: Thread the darning needle and tie the end of the thread with a knot.
    Step 3: Take the rope and make a small tight coil at the end. Then take your needle and push it through the coil to secure it in place.
    Step 4: Then continue adding to the coil and sewing over it to secure it in place each time until you have made a size big enough for the base of the basket. Alternate with a stitch over one piece of rope and then a stitch over two pieces of rope. If you reach the end of your thread whilst making the base of your basket, finish it off by looping the thread over the rope a few times and tying with a knot. Then repeat the steps before to start sewing the coil again.
    Step 5: Now you have the base continue coiling the rope around and sewing but now coiling the rope on top of one another to build the sides.
    Step 6: Once you have built your walls up you can alternate between different colour threads to give a multi-coloured patterned effect.
    Step 7: To finish your basket, cut your rope at an angle and thread over the top of the rope to secure it in place and cut off any loose threads.The finished product is a handmade, quirky rope basket, which can be used to store any small accessories. Heather declares this one a pin it win it!

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