Game, set and match: Easy ways to enjoy Wimbledon without tickets


Wimbledon 2016 is here. For the next two weeks we’re all about tennis whites, glasses of Pimm’s and lashings of strawberries and cream.

If, like us, you didn’t manage to get tickets to the big event, don’t starting kicking off John McEnroe-style with ‘you cannot be serious’ type rants. Instead, embrace the magic at home with these easy wins.

You’ll be enjoying the tennis vibe before you can say ‘new balls please…’

1. Decorate

We don’t mean get the builders in – we’re talking wall art. Murals Wallpaper has a whole host of fun tennis-themed wall murals, and if you’re not up for committing to whole mural, snap up a set of wall stickers from Amazon, starting from £22.

2. Find a big screen

There are numerous big screens showing the matches cropping up around the country during the tennis season, so keep you eyes peeled for one in your local park or shopping area. These are usually free to enjoy, but get there early to secure a good spot (and remember your picnic).

3. Throw a garden party

Perfect for when Andy reaches the finals (we’re ever the optimists!), get all your pals round for a low key garden gathering. Keep it simple (stress levels will be flexed enough once the semis kick in) and get everyone to bring a bottle of Pimm’s and picnic snacks.

4. Mask up

For VERY SERIOUS tennis fans, player masks can be snapped up online for a couple of quid.

Strawberries and cream

The brilliant thing about Wimbledon is that supermarkets all get in on the act with several fantastic discounts and offers – notably on strawberries and cream. Well, it would be rude not to…

6. Head to Wimbledon village for lunch

While the atmosphere inside Wimbledon is palpable, the excitement in the surrounding town doesn’t half catch on. Head to Wimbledon and enjoy a picnic on the common, or watch the local big screens. Residents and shops really get into the swing of things – in fact, one year the local Morrisons was renamed ‘Murrysons’ for the event. Superb.

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