Designer Dara Huang reveals the two fabrics every home should have this season

The TV judge, designer and architect reveals her favourite fabrics to add a sense of luxury and cosiness

Dara Huang
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As we move into autumn and winter it’s no surprise that we find ourselves drawn to cosy and tactile fabrics and textures. If you're looking for that cosy Autumn vibe, architect, designer and presenter Dara Huang reveals there are two fabrics that are timeless.

If you're revamping your cosy living room ideas this month, Dara Huang, architect and judge on Channel 4's interior design competition series, The Big Interior Battle, has just released her inaugural furniture collection Dara Maison. The range is filled with boucle and velvet, and she let Ideal Home in on why they are so central to her designs.

‘Velvet and boucle fabrics have a timeless quality that makes them enduring choices in interior design,’ according to Dara.

Dara Huang

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These fabrics join natural materials like solid woods, vegan leather, real stone, marble and antique brass metals, in the rest of the Dara Maison line.

‘They exude a sense of luxury and cosiness that I wanted to infuse into my designs. These fabrics represent the marriage of elegance and comfort, a theme that runs through my work,' she explains.

‘I've always been captivated by the sensory experience that furniture and design can offer. In my first collection, I was drawn to tactile fabrics like boucle and velvet because of the way they engage our senses,’ Dara adds.

‘These fabrics invite touch, adding a layer of warmth and comfort to the pieces.’ 

Why your home needs boucle and velvet this autumn

Dara Maison Living Room

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‘As we transition into the autumn and winter seasons, boucle and velvet take on new significance. Boucle, with its cosy and textured appearance, becomes the perfect companion for cooler months. It adds warmth and comfort to interiors, making spaces feel inviting,’ Dara explains.

‘Velvet, especially in deep rust and green hues, exudes a sense of opulence and complements the rich, earthy tones often associated with these seasons’ she continues.

‘These pieces on their own transcend the seasons, but when complimented by seasonal décor, changes in lighting and pillows, make these great choices for the cooler months.’


Dara Maison

(Image credit: Dara Huang/LUCHFORD)

‘Boucle remains a timeless choice in interior design, with its enduring popularity in the industry,’ Dara asserts. ‘This tactile fabric adds texture and depth to spaces, creating a cosy atmosphere. Its versatility allows it to complement various design styles, making it a valuable and long-lasting choice.’

Here are a few of our favourite boucle buys:

Dara also has some top tips for styling boucle in any room in your home. She adds, ‘for boucle, I recommend embracing its texture by pairing it with sleek, clean-lined furniture. This contrast highlights its tactile allure.’


Dara Maison Green Velvet Chair

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We love the rich and luxurious texture that velvet adds to our living spaces. And Dara agrees that this richness creates a statement moment, whether you opt for some soft furnishing or a larger and more impactful piece.

We can’t get enough of these velvet pieces:

‘Both fabrics thrive in neutral palettes but also welcome bold accents to create a balanced and inviting ambiance.’

When asked if these two particular fabrics will stand the test of time, Dara is confident that they will. ‘Their versatility makes it a classic option that transcends trends,’ she concludes. ‘These fabrics not only offer longevity but also adaptability, allowing them to remain relevant and cherished in interiors for years to come.’

Which one will you be embracing first or most over the colder months this year?

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