Candles in the shape of this cocktail have jumped in sales by 1,454% on Etsy over the last few months

These super fun candles will effortlessly add a touch of fun to your home

Espresso martini candle on a surface
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Who doesn’t love a scented candle? Not only do they provide a gorgeous scent – that can be either relaxing or energising – but they also help to create a lovely, soothing ambience, be it in our bedrooms, our living rooms, or even our bathrooms.

They even offer the perfect way to add an easy design element to your home without committing too much financially. In fact, some of the best scented candles can be as much an accessory as it is a way to make our homes smell divine!

So it hasn't come as too much of a surprise to hear that sales of one particularly quirky candle style have been absolutely soaring over on Etsy lately, according to their recent 2024 trends report…

The candle style taking off on Etsy for 2024

In their 2024 spring/summer predictions report – charting all the homeware, beauty and fashion they predict emerging in popularity – Etsy reports that Espresso Martini cocktail candles are quickly become been one of the most popular items for shoppers to buy.

Espresso martini candle

(Image credit: Etsy)

Their trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson, reports that she has noticed a huge rise in all things food and drink taking off, even inspiring our interiors and clothing choices – which is where these fun, whimsical cocktail-style candles come in.

'With award-winning kitchen culture TV shows and the rise of the celebrity chef, the culinary world has become a dominant force in the cultural zeitgeist, and shoppers are responding with a resounding “Yes, Chef!” as they embrace restaurant-inspired styles in both their homes and wardrobes,' she says.

'In 2024, expect this new iteration of dopamine dressing and decor to heat up even more, with everything from foodie-inspired art that’s a feast for the eyes, to clothing and accessories that let you rep your favourite food or cocktail with pride.'

Etsy have seen searches for Espresso martini-shaped candles leap up by an enormous 1,454% in the last couple of months, suggesting that we’re all ready for a bit of food-and-drink-style fun within our home decor.

According to the design experts we spoke to, an Espresso martini candle (or in fact, any cocktail-shaped candle), allows consumers a way to inject a bit of fun and glamour into our home with low commitment.

Daniele Mancinetti, founder and principal designer at König Design Studio says, 'The growing popularity of Espresso Martini candles reflects a nostalgic embrace of retro charm and cocktail culture. With classic TV series like Mad Men, and more recently Palm Royale on Apple+, evoking a sense of glamour from past eras, these candles offer a playful nod to a bygone time.'

Etsy espresso martini candle on a mirrored surface

(Image credit: Etsy)

Interior designer Francesca Harris, founder of Francesca Harris Design, agreed, explaining that they’re an effortless way to show off your personality in your home. 'Why not introduce a bit of personality to your space through your favourite drink?' she says.

'Instead of having shelves full of decor items that you think you "should" have, use items that you love and actually mean something to you - that for me is where these types of candles come in!'

For Francesca, the fun home fragrance provided by a cocktail-style candle is also a large part of the appeal. 'Food and drink-inspired candles have scents that instantly spark memories; rather than something like a floral scent, why not have a scent that transports you back in time to a memory that evokes joy and happiness?' she says. 'Also, what better way to declare loyalty to your favourite drink, then by smelling it when you can't actually drink it?'

'For those pondering an espresso martini-shaped cocktail in their home, there’s no limit to the kind of home decor would work best alongside either,' Danielle says.

'In terms of decor, they inject a whimsical touch into a range of styles, from Boho Chic to modern designs characterised by vibrant colour schemes. These candles serve as quirky accents that add personality and charm to any space.'


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