Fearne Cotton reveals the simple secret to achieving her unique Christmas tree look

If you'd like your tree to look a bit more special this year, follow this sage advice...

Fearne Cotton for her eBay Christmas edit, standing in front of her Christmas tree at home
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December is right around the corner – so as part of our Christmas countdown plan, it's time to start thinking about how we want to decorate our homes in order to create a cosy, welcoming space for the festive season. Fearne Cotton has shared her secret for creating a unique Christmas tree.

Decorating for Christmas is a lot of fun. But whether you're mostly concerned with your Christmas hallway decorating ideas – or it's Christmas living room decor ideas that you spend the most time contemplating, it can sometimes feel like a struggle to find the inspiration you need to turn your home into a winter wonderland that truly speaks to your personality – because who wants their space to look just like everyone else's?

Thankfully, the fabulous Fearne Cotton has some handy advice to help you create a Christmas backdrop that is all you. The presenter turned homes-and-wellness expert has teamed up with eBay to curate a Christmas homewares edit – and shared some of her top tips for festive decorating alongside it.

Fearne's trick for creating a unique Christmas tree

Fearne Cotton for her eBay Christmas edit, sat in front of her Christmas tree at home

(Image credit: eBay)

One of the most important places to get your decor right is your Christmas tree. This is because it's usually the focal point of most people's homes over the festive season, and the first thing guests will notice when they come to visit.

While there are plenty of Christmas tree trends to inspire you, Fearne's top trick for creating a really special, unique tree is to use pre-loved, mismatched ornaments – guaranteeing a display that no one else has. 

'I don’t like my tree to look too put together or matchy-matchy – I prefer mixing pieces and buying individual baubles as I go,' she explained. 'This also lets you add to your collection a little more when you spot something you love, which is way more fun than using a pre-made set!'

Fearne Cotton's eBay Christmas tree decoration

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For Fearne, using one-off, meaningful decorations also means that decorating is more fun and sentimental.

She said, 'My family and I love the memories each bauble creates. It’s so heartwarming to get these out year after year, and be reminded of the Christmas before, rather than always purchasing new ones.'

Further expanding on her decorating style, Fearne said that she loves to experiment with colours, in order to create a really bright and joyful scene.

'If there’s a time to experiment with colour and be creative, it’s at Christmas time,' she advised. 'Consider a variety of shapes and patterns when choosing the baubles for the tree, and add pops of Christmas cheer through brightly coloured rugs and pillows.'

Fearne Cotton's Christmas tree decorations

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If you're struggling with how exactly to incorporate a colourful, personalised look for Christmas, never fear. As mentioned, Fearne has curated her own edit on eBay of festive decor, which includes everything you might need this Christmas; from colourful parrot baubles for your tree, to festive William Morris cushion covers, and a golden bar cart for all of those Yuletide tipples.

Not only is buying second-hand, or pre-loved, much more environmentally-friendly than buying new – but as Fearne explained, you'll also end up with a tree (and home!) that really tells a story, as opposed to being a carbon copy of your next-door neighbours. 

We're sold!


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