'The secret to easy yet impressive flowers' – the £6 flower arranging hack I wish I'd known about sooner

The foolproof way to a more expensive-looking arrangement for less

Flowers in white curved vase on wooden bedside table
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There's a little budget buy making the rounds on social media that is proving to make the seemingly intimidating task of floral design a lot easier – and it won't cost you more than £10.

A bouquet of flowers always seems nice in theory, until we get home, that is. It's all well and good to pick up some flowers from the supermarket or florist (especially after finding out the benefits of flowers for mental health), but once you've taken them out of the wrapping and popped them in a vase, there's a tendency for them to look almost underwhelming.

Rather than simply opting for faux flowers (or even LEGO flowers, which are continually growing in popularity), there's a nifty little tool that will help you display your beautiful blooms with ease. Who said floral design has to be hard? Enter, the flower frog.

Flowers in white curved vase on wooden bedside table

(Image credit: Future PLC)

Flower frog flower arranging hack

'Floral frogs are a wonderful tool that can assist with flower arranging within a vase, pot of vessel,' starts Larry Walshe at flower delivery service, Bloom.

'They assist the stems in remaining upright and in the position you desire so if you struggle with making a hand-tied arrangement, this is an excellent tool.'

While the concept of flower frogs aren't new, they have undeniably been regaining traction on the likes of TikTok as of recent, with videos showcasing how to use the nifty tool gaining up to hundreds of thousands of views.

In fact, the hashtag #flowerfrog on TikTok has over 11 million views combined, filled with creators sharing various ways to create decorative floral arrangements to display in their living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, and elsewhere.


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'Flower frogs are particularly adept at helping to create stylised looks; such as Ikebana where expressive stems are celebrated and the use of negative space is also explored, adds Larry. 'They provide control to this look which is essential to result in a dramatic overall finish.'

Elle King, co-founder and design director at Ett Hem London chimes in, 'Floral frogs (Ikebana Kenzan pins) are a great way to create sculptural displays in a low vase or footed bowl.' 

Pink flowers in white vase on table

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Several TikTok creators have commented on the use of flower frogs saying, 'I reached a new level in home decor when I started using flower frogs in my arrangements,' with another saying, 'Can't stop won't stop using the flower frog to make floral arrangements.'

Not only that, but it's an easy way to make a cheaper bouquet instantly look expensive, and nobody would be none the wiser.

Flower cuttings on white kitchen counter, white cabinets

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And if you were worried about the longevity of your blooms as a result of using this tool, your flowers are expected to last 7-10 days when pinned in the flower frog, but could be longer depending on the flower and how often the water is changed.

We don't know about you, but this has seriously coloured us impressed. Now, anyone can be a master at floral arrangement (you and I included).

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