TikTok taught me that hot water bottles have expiry dates – here's how to check yours

Did you know that your hot water bottle has an expiry date?

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There's nothing like your trusty hot water bottle to get you through the colder months, but what if we told you that even the best hot water bottles have an expiry date? Here's how to check how old yours is.

As temperatures drop, you may very well be looking for ways to keep your house warm in winter, and with that often comes bringing out the trusty hot water bottle. However, first and foremost, it's worth ensuring that it's still safe to use.

How to check your hot water bottle expiry date

Most hot water bottles will have a big number embossed into them inside a symbol that resembles a daisy. This number shows you the year that it was made, so for example, 15 would mean 2015, and 20 would be 2020.

It's recommended that you replace hot water bottles every 2 years (3 at an absolute push), so if you're still clinging to yours that you've had for a while, now is the best time to buy a replacement if you still plan on using one to keep warm and save energy at home.


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TikTok user @craftspirationaljewellery shows us how to decode the daisy wheel system. 'That 20 is the year it was made, those petals are the months, and them tiny dots are the weeks. So this was made the first week of December 2020.'

Hottie hot water bottle in Ochre laid on bed

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Presenter Alice Beer from ITV's This Morning also recently touched on hot water bottle expiry dates and how to ensure you're staying safe while using them.

'When you buy a hot water bottle, the point is that the rubber is insulating and it's strong,' she says. 'If it doesn't smell rubbery and doesn't feel rubbery then it's got a higher proportion of additives to rubber. So actually, what you want is a real rubbery hot water bottle because that'll protect you more.'

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Of course, we can't blame you for not having figured this out previously because believe me, this is news to us as well! Oftentimes we don't think to check the actual bottle itself because it's usually hidden underneath a cover, but now you know, it's best to remind yourself of it regularly.

There you have it, the more you know. Now, it's probably worth taking a quick peek at that old hot water bottle you were just about to fill up in an attempt to stave away the cold weather.

After all, it's better to be safe than sorry.

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