The colour scheme trick couples should be using when designing a home, according to a colour expert

Keep the honeymoon high alive in your home with these expert-led tips

Light pink painted bedroom with double bed, bedside table
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A colour expert reveals how keeping your wedding themes and colour scheme alive beyond the big day can help romantically strengthen your relationship in your home.

Wedding season is among us, and whether you'll be in attendance for one this summer on the hunt for an affordable wedding gift (we recommend The White Company's £16 placemats), or are simply reminiscing on your own wedding day that's come and gone, there's plenty reason to shout about these paint trends oozing with romance from an interiors perspective.

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With the average wedding now costing Brits a steep £18,4000, a 108% increase since 2020 according to data from Hitched, it's no surprise that couples often suffer from the wedding blues after their nuptials.

For many, a natural step after tying the knot is moving in and building a home together (if you haven't already), which is admittedly another costly feat – however, has it ever crossed your mind that you could actually mesh these two expenses together? Hear us out.

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How to keep your wedding colour scheme alive in your home

'Your wedding day is a celebration of your love for one another, and so keeping your wedding colour scheme alive throughout your home is a beautiful daily reminder of the special day – and happy memories – shared together,' says Stephanie King, colour expert and creative lead at Dulux.

'Not only will utilising elements from your wedding help you save money when redecorating, but recreating your wedding theme at home can help couples create a more meaningful space that brings personality and happy memories into the home.'

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Stephanie King

Stephanie is Dulux's Creative Lead and Colour Expert. She is passionate about making the world a brighter place, developing a speciality in homes and interiors. Possessing an insatiable eye for visual composition, design details and colour, she is a meticulous art director across the many shoots she has had the pleasure to lead.

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'From invites to florals and bridesmaid dresses, couples spend hours choosing the perfect colour scheme for their wedding day, to ensure it beautifully reflects their style and can influence the entire visual presentation of the day. But there's no reason why that scheme can't also be brought into your home, as a constant reminder of your special day.'

Here are Stephanie King's top tips to ensure the wedding buzz goes beyond just the big day, using something as simple as incorporating colour into the existing spaces in your home.

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1. Perfect your sleep sanctuary

I'm sure many of us know by now how important it is to keep to a bedroom colour scheme that'll help us feel relaxed and ultimately lead to us sleeping better.

'Traditionally, more subtle and calming colours are often used in weddings, think whites, blush pinks and sage greens; these are perfect for creating chilled spaces for you and your partner to indulge in. These soft schemes would be wonderful for spaces you share together, such as in a restful, relaxing bedroom.'

Light pink painted bedroom with double bed, bedside table

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2. Go bold for the entertaining areas

Stephanie continues, 'However if you did opt for a more fiery wedding colour scheme – with reds and oranges – these hues are known to be the most invigorating in the spectrum, and so can keep us on our toes in our home. Decorating with these shades is a sure-fire way of prolonging the honeymoon phase, and works well in entertaining spaces such as a dining room or kitchen.'

'Using these shades in such rooms also gives the added benefit of friends and family being reminded of the colours that represent the two of you so strongly.'

We think opting for your wedding hues as part of your living room colour scheme is sure to spark some conversation from your guests.

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3. Get a personalised colour-match for your walls

'For those looking to bring a specific colour from your big day into your home, you can colour-match your wedding shades into paint for your walls. A colour-matching service allows you to create colours that are completely personal to you,' suggests Stephanie.

If you wanted to up the ante and bond even more with your partner, you could even go so far as going down the DIY route of painting a room together with this personalised shade made just for the both of you.

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There's no reason why the honeymoon high has to end beyond your wedding day, if anything, sharing a home together with your partner should be even more reason to reflect on it.

Stephanie ends on this, 'Weddings are full of sentimental value, so creating a space which reflects a shared experience and sense of nostalgia will act as a constant reminder of your beautiful moment and love for each other every day.'

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