We're enchanted by this paint trend that looks like 'something we adore seeing in nature'

Straight from nature's palette

Dulux colour of the year 2024 Sweet Embrace painted on walls
(Image credit: Dulux)

There's a new paint trend making the rounds that we spotted at the launch of Dulux's colour of the year for 2024, Sweet Embrace – and it's a paint idea that's sure to turn some heads as a result of its gorgeous subtlety and ability to add a touch of elegance to your otherwise bare walls. Enter, ombre.

From natureluxe to coastal cowgirl, if there's something we've noticed in the most recent home decor trends, it's that embracing nature has been an overarching theme, namely due to many people seeking calm and serenity in their homes.

Trends have been adamant on the idea of bringing the outdoors in – and the ombre paint trend nails this concept in a new way that we would consider a breath of fresh air.

Dulux colour of the year 2024 Sweet Embrace painted on walls

(Image credit: Dulux)

The ombre paint trend

As we mentioned previously, the ombre paint trend is something we first laid eyes on during Dulux's launch event for unveiling their much-anticipated colour of the year. We got to see how Sweet Embrace was used in different palettes and contexts, and when we saw how it was used to create the prettiest ombre effect, we were smitten.

Commenting on the ombre paint trend, Marianne Shillingford, creative director at Dulux says, 'Gentle transitions from one delicate colour to another are something we adore seeing in nature. Think early morning mist over a summer meadow, blending soft warm greens with morning sky blues.'

'The most successful colours to use for ombré are ones that are close together in tone.'

Ombre wall effect in bedroom

(Image credit: Bobbi Beck)

How to recreate the ombre paint trend at home

'Creating an ombre effect on your walls requires patience and attention to detail, but the result can add a stunning and unique touch to your walls,' assures Emma Bestley, co-founder and creative director at YesColours. Not to mention, it's also a great time to put your favourite colour combinations into play.

'It's important to first plan your colour scheme carefully. Soft colours like pastel hues are easier to blend thanks to their naturally gentle undertones, allowing you to blend contrasting colourways effortlessly.'

'To achieve the infamous gradient effect, start at the bottom with the darkest colour. As you move upward, switch to the lighter tone to paint the next section of the wall,' explains Emma.

It's important to note to keep the lighter shade at the top, as the darker shade can often make a room feel smaller.

Ombre effect wall in living room

(Image credit: Bobbi Beck)

To blend the middle and create a smooth transition, Sarah Lloyd, interiors and paint specialist at Valspar Paint says, 'Before the colours dry, use a dry brush at an angle and blend the colours together to reach the ombre effect.'

If you prefer, you could even use a sponge as well to stipple and blend away.

'Make sure to choose a wall with lots of natural light so that you can see the different shades blending together,' advises Sarah.

Dulux colour of the year 2024 Sweet Embrace painted on walls

(Image credit: Dulux)

Commenting further on the ombre paint trend, Sarah notes, 'This is also a great way to tie in colourful and bold shades within a room and provides options for lots of pairings and clashing accent features through different choices of furniture or soft furnishings too.'

To conclude, Emma at YesColours reminds us, 'It's important to take your time as it requires a steady hand and a close eye,' however, what we're left with is a beautiful and gentle transition of colours that is sure to please any eye.

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