Stacey Solomon's organised makeup shelves nail the trending 'clean girl aesthetic' we're obsessed with

They're the perfect balance of functionality and style

Stacey Solomon
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Stacey Solomon is somewhat of an icon to us as far as interior inspiration goes, so it comes as no surprise that we were all eyes on her very organised makeup shelves in the backdrop of her most recent Instagram post.

Those of us with complex makeup collections know that whether we intend it or not, these products easily end up taking on a life of their own. Before you know it, you've got one too many lip products and crusty tubes of dried-up mascaras everywhere – so properly organising makeup is an essential task we ought to keep up with.

Well, Stacey's picture-perfect acrylic makeup shelves may just be the textbook definition of one of the best makeup organisers we've seen, in all its 'clean girl aesthetic' glory. Needless to say, it's giving our shelving ideas a run for their money and has us itching to know how to achieve the same balance of style and functionality.

While some of us may prefer to use a trusty makeup bag to store beauty products, Jonathon Clark, creative director at Shelved explains that 'shelves allow you to store makeup and skincare in a neat and tidy way, and is great for those who need a bit of inspiration in the morning and like to grab items they can easily see.'

Perhaps knowing that all your favourite products are on display the minute you walk into a room works as an incentive to make waking up on dark mornings easier.

Not to mention, shelves are a great storage idea for a bathroom to help free up counter space. Or better yet, a cohesive addition to spruce up a dressing table idea in desperate need of extra storage.

Organised makeup in acrylic storage boxes in cabinet

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Something to note as well is that Stacey has opted for acrylic shelving, as opposed to wood or other materials. 'Acrylic floating shelves are inherently sleek and modern,' begins Ava Wilson, professional organiser and chief editor at Unclutterer. 'The clear material allows the focus to be on the makeup products themselves, making them appear as if they are floating on the wall.'

This, in turn, gives your space a clean and open look that makes for a home that looks clutter-free.

How to organise and style acrylic shelves

Given acrylic shelving's discrete appearance, Simon Glanville, managing director at A Place for Everything assures 'it's possible to make a real statement with your shelves just as you can using open shelves in a kitchen.'

'Group by colour and size for an aesthetically pleasing display,' advises Simon, 'but make sure they're within easy reach, potentially keeping your most-used products at the front and on lower shelves.' This makes for a cohesive and stylish display.

Bathroom detail with square basin on marble vanity unit and wall mirror on dark green walls

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To take it up a notch, Ava even suggests creating a focal point on your shelves and using it as an opportunity to highlight certain products or brands you love. 'Place these items in the centre or at eye level where they are most likely to be noticed.'

Lastly, consider adding soft lighting above or below the shelves through the use of wireless wall lights, for example. Ava explains that this not only highlights your makeup products but also adds to the overall ambience of the space.

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Here's to hoping these tips will allow us to relish in our own Stacey Solomon-approved makeup shelves.

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