10 dressing table ideas for the perfect getting-ready spot

Get ready to go 'Out Out' at your very own elegant and organised pamper station.

Rattan dressing table with round mirror in front of panelled wall
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As any girl knows, half – actually, let's face it – most of the fun of going out can be had by getting ready beforehand. That's why we always recommend trying to squeeze in one of our dedicated dressing table ideas for the ritual. Somewhere to sit and focus on your cleansing and countering, blending and bronzing, with an appropriate amount of good light, and adequate bedroom storage ideas for all your lotions and potions.

As our dressing table ideas show, you can create said pamper station in even the tiniest spaces. And it could have transformative effects on your bedroom as a whole, making it look more glamorous as well as hugely practical. 

Dressing table ideas

If you're someone who does their hair and makeup on a daily basis, or even for the occasional evening out, you'll want a spot to store all of your goodies and sit comfortably. 

It can be tricky to squeeze a dressing table into a small bedroom idea but rest assured there are ways to creatively work in a station for pampering. Likewise, a master bedroom wouldn't be complete without a boudoir-style area that is screaming out to be enjoyed. 

1. Keep it simple

White bedroom with farmhouse inspired dressing table

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A bedroom should be a restful space, so keep things simple with a chic low-key table like this one. As well as a place to apply make-up and take it off before bed, it can also serve as a desk. 

If you don't have much room for a dressing table and you're worried about the space looking overcrowded, opting for a pared-back neutral colour scheme will help to keep the aesthetic as calming as possible. 

2. Get more from your chest of drawers

boxroom with wooden drawer and clothes hanger

(Image credit: Future PLC/Tim Young)

Let's be honest, a dressing table is a luxury that often gets the boot in favour of more substantial storage. Like a chest of drawers. But this hard-working piece of furniture can do even more. 

Choose one at the right height and it can double as a dressing table. Place a chair nearby so that you can pull it up when you need to 'put your face on'. IKEA hacks are great for making a chest of drawers into a more interesting piece of bedroom furniture as you can update it with your favourite paint shade or statement hardware. 

4. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture

Bedroom with console table as dressing table

(Image credit: Future)

The owner of this house was looking for a dressing table that would fit in a restricted space. But when she couldn't find the right 'traditional' dressing table, she used a console table and a simple wooden chair instead. 

By using a table with a more narrow width, it won't intrude on the room so much so you still have plenty of space to navigate around. This is also ideal for a guest bedroom where the dressing table is unlikely to need much storage. 

5. Go for a fun look that will inspire your big night out

Pink bedroom with pink wallpaper and dressing table.

(Image credit: Future/Katie Jane Watson)

We adore the bold use of colour in this fun and fabulous bedroom. If this won't get you in the party mood come Saturday night, nothing will! 

Upcycling a vintage table with a new paint job and pretty handles is a cost-effective way to get this look. The long drawer will provide oodles of storage for blusher, bronzer, shadows and scents.

6. Have a place for everything

Bedroom with light wooden dressing table with rattan chair

(Image credit: Future)

Getting the right bedroom storage ideas is essential to keeping your sleep zone as relaxing as possible. Assess how many lotions and potions you have and use before investing in a dressing table so that you have all of the storage you need. 

If you don't want a table with drawers then pastel-coloured storage crates are an inexpensive way of keeping your smaller bits and bobs together. Plus, it's much easier to dust around. 

7. Add a table into a dressing room

green bedroom with dressing room and wardrobes

(Image credit: Future PLC / David Giles)

If you're lucky enough to have a walk-in wardrobe idea to work with, then why not add a dressing table to the design? You can do so easily by using a plank of wood and painting it in the same shade so it looks bespoke, or alternatively you could work with a carpenter to make a built-in dressing table complete with drawers and cupboards. 

8. Fix a floating table

Grey floating dressing table in a bedroom

(Image credit: Future)

It can be challenging to find room for a dedicated dressing table set-up, especially if there isn't much space around the bed for chunky furniture. To combat this, opt for a floating dressing table as the lack of legs and open bottom will create a more spacious feel. 

For bonus style points, you could include this in the gap between fitted wardrobes so that it looks professionally designed. 

9. Source it secondhand

White bedroom with vintage dark wood dressing table.

(Image credit: Future)

Secondhand furniture is having a major resurgence and is a great way of saving money on high-quality pieces. Dressing tables are one of the easiest pieces of furniture to find on resale sites such as eBay or Vinterior and can save you hundreds of pounds on mid-century styles. 

Not to mention there's a special feeling associated with getting ready at the same dressing table that others have enjoyed before your time. It adds character to a bedroom and if it has a preloved look, you won't be as worried about any spillages. 

10. Zone the getting ready area

Rattan dressing table with round mirror in front of panelled wall

(Image credit: Future)

Rattan continues to be popular choice for furniture as it has a warm and on-trend look. If white is too white but dark wood won't suit your space, then rattan is a great option. 

To add to the wood aesthetic, take it one step further with a section of panelling to zone the getting-ready area. It's simple to apply yourself using decorative wall panels from B&Q but it will have a big impact. 

These examples prove that it really is worth trying to fit in a dressing table if you can. Because as we all know, a little bit of 'me' time can make a big difference.

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