4 timeless wreath ideas that work all year round – not just for Christmas

Wreaths are set to be one of the biggest interiors trends of the year – so why not embrace them no matter the season?

A flower wreath made with hydrangeas
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Christmas might be over but our love for wreaths isn’t. Even though wreaths are traditionally viewed as a Christmas-specific piece of decor, at the end of the day it’s only another form of flower arrangement that can be adapted for any time of year. And there are many wreath ideas for all year round that you can incorporate into your home.

And turns out we’re not alone in thinking this as wreaths are set to be one of the biggest home decor trends for 2024. The whole year, that is. And that includes homemade wreaths, artificial ones and real ones purchased from your favourite florist.

Whether you opt for alternative DIY wreath ideas using food items or a more elevated floral design, the possibilities are endless. But we rounded up 4 of the best that come recommended by our floristry experts.

All the essentials for making a dried flower wreath laid out

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4 wreath ideas for all year round

‘Wreaths aren’t only for Christmas. On TikTok alone, #wreathmaking has 29.7M views,’ starts Caroline Grimble, floral stylist from Bloom & Wild.

Tom Yates of Wreaths.co.uk continues, ‘While we can suit a wreath to any room in terms of its colours, there is a notable appetite for lighter greens at the moment, as consumers seek to counterbalance the dreary winter weather. Bright, bold flower colours are also a popular choice year-round, as they offset the grey skies in winter while delivering a delightful spray of colour that adds the perfect finishing touch to any dining table for summer entertaining.’

And as we already know, flowers do wonders for mental health, especially when the weather outside is cold and dreary. So get wreath making and decorating.

1. Add colour with dried flowers

A dried-flower wreath hanging on a panelled white wall

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Repurposing flowers from your bouquets for wreath making is an excellent way to save them from going to the bin, as well as saving you some money in the process.

‘With a host of warm red and yellow hues, seasonal foliage and flowers are perfect for creating a wreath for your front door throughout the year,’ Caroline says. ‘Dried wreaths are the perfect way to give new life to cut flowers. You can dry the flowers and foliage from a dying bouquet, the easiest way is to hang them upside down in a dark and dry storage room.’

She adds what flowers are best to include in a wreath, ‘Hydrangeas, poppy heads, sunflowers and amaranthus are excellent choices when working with flowers.’

But if you don’t regularly buy (or receive) flower bouquets and don’t have the necessary tools for wreath making such as florist wire like this one from Amazon or a wire wreath frame like this Amazon one, then you can purchase a wreath kit that comes with absolutely everything you’ll need to make your wreath.

2. Fill with foliage from walks

A spring wreath with fresh flowers

(Image credit: Future PLC/Dan Duchars)

Using foliage collected on walks will make for a very personal design, reflecting the season and your environment in the best way possible.

‘You can create a beautiful wreath with foliage you collected from long walks. Their beauty will last all season long. The best foliage to use includes oak leaves and rosemary, as well as anything that captures your interest,’ Caroline advises.

Twigs and branches are also a great addition or a base to a wreath. ‘Made from twisted twigs or branches, perhaps adorned with a few small, white flowers or berries for a touch of colour. This natural look fits in with any seasonal decor,’ says David Denyer, flower expert from Eflorist.

But to put your wreath together, you’ll need some wreath-making essentials like the below.

3. Embrace a green colour palette

A flower wreath made with hydrangeas

(Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber)

If you’re into a minimalist, chic look, then opting for a timeless evergreen wreath is a lovely way to go and add a splash of colour. Dried hydrangeas can look great, but eucalyptus is a lovey way to go, whether it’s real or artificial, according to David. 

‘A simple wreath made of evergreen foliage like eucalyptus or boxwood has an understated elegance and is suitable for any season.’

4. Make it last with paper or fabric

Autumn wreath hanging on door

(Image credit: Bloom & Wild)

Alternatively, your wreath doesn’t have to be made from flowers or foliage at all. You can get creative and use anything from pom poms to paper.

‘A paper flower wreath can be a beautiful and lasting option,’ David suggests. ‘Crafted from high-quality paper flowers in whites, creams, or pastels.’

Another style he suggests is a felt ball wreath, ‘Use felt balls in a monochrome palette or muted colours for a playful yet understated look.’

Now we’re off to make a wreath of our own.

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