These pretty DIY wreath ideas are easy to make – and all you need is a few things from your kitchen

It’s perfect for a DIY project or if you’re in a pinch

Crail hanging lantern
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A Christmas wreath is like the cherry on top of all of your other festive decor. Some go hard and over the top with it, while for others it’s more of an afterthought kind of affair. And if you’ve left it way too late to get one from a florist or the likes, then we’ve got some alternative DIY wreath ideas that you can throw together in a pinch, using items you most likely already own.

We love DIY Christmas decorating ideas like these at Ideal Home for a number of reasons - it’s a fun project the whole family can join in, it’s affordable and it puts a personal touch on your seasonal home decor. What’s not to love?

Luckily there are lots of them doing the rounds on social media like TikTok and Instagram with plenty of designs to choose from. But we picked three that we love the most and think are the easiest to recreate with everyday food items. 

3 alternative DIY wreath ideas

Blue Danube

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Any DIY decorations is the perfect opportunity for a budget Christmas decorating idea. And these deliciously smelling Christmas wreath ideas are no exception.

What you’ll need

1. Rosemary

A rosemary Christmas wreath

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If you’re wondering how to make a Christmas wreath out of rosemary, then we’re happy to say it couldn’t be easier as our own Editor-in-Chief, Heather Young has experience in the field.

‘We used to have a giant rosemary bush in our garden, and it was the perfect place to forage for free foliage for Christmas. I made these mini wreaths by creating a ring of wire, threaded on some wooden beads and then covered the wire with sprigs of rosemary, secured using a florist wire,’ she explains.

An alternative way we’ve come across is placing the rosemary sprigs in a bowl in a circular shape and then tying the branches together with some string.

Crail hanging lantern

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2. Dried orange slices

While a dried orange garland is a more traditional Christmas decor, we love the look of a wreath made out of layered dried orange slices, courtesy of @themerrythought on Instagram who also have a step-by-step tutorial on their blog

If you don’t feel like going through the trouble of cutting up and dehydrating orange slices in your oven, you can also buy a pack of ready-dried orange slices like these on Amazon. A hot glue gun is required when it comes to making a wreath and a wire wreath frame is ideal. But not much more than that.

3. Star anise

And finally, the signature spice and scent of Christmas itself (at least in our humble opinion) star anise. Owing to its beautiful star shape, this traditional food item possesses all the decorative features it needs. So all that’s left is to form a circle out of a florist wire and glue the stars on top of it in a perfect row much like @_forthehome on TikTok has done. And you’re done!


♬ The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas To You) - Nat King Cole Trio

Now we’re off to pick our next DIY project.

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