Amalficore is the viral trend bringing summer holiday vibes into our homes – this is how to achieve the Italian look

Get ready for a summer bellissimo!

A wooden dining table against a pink wall with a yellow jug and and a bowl of citrus fruit on top
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The picturesque Amalfi Coast is where we all want to be right now, basking in the sun, swimming in the sea, leisurely taking in the views and enjoying long Italian lunches. But alas, it’s not realistic for everyone to escape the UK’s dreary weather to the Mediterranean right now (or anytime soon) - and that’s exactly what’s given rise to the Amalficore home decor trend as people look to recreate the aesthetic in their own abodes instead.

We know that there is a new ‘core’ home decor trend almost every other week now. But some of these feel more relevant than others – and Amalficore feels like it’s really capturing the current mood of wanderlust and escapism that most of us are thinking.

At the end of the day, Amalficore is just a sub-trend of the currently raging desti-core style that’s all about turning your home into your favourite holiday destination. So how do you achieve the aesthetic of the famous Italian coast? Our interiors experts advise.

Kitchen with a marble worktop and backsplash, wooden cutting boards and rattan lampshades

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Amalficore home decor trend for summer 2024

Pinterest, the social media and image-sharing platform reports that in the last three months, searches for ‘modern coastal decor’ have increased by 100%, while ‘rustic Italian decor’ searches have doubled and ‘amalfi coast’ searches rose by 40%.

‘As we head into the summer season, people are looking to brighten up their spaces with a playful Mediterranean feel that brings Italian charm into interior spaces,’ says Matt Siberry, head of home at Pinterest UK. ‘Known for clear blue waters and crisp white elegance, the Amalfi Coast is the perfect inspiration for decor that channels peace and serenity.’

A dining table covered with a striped tablecloth and a rattan lampshade hanging above

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The Amalficore style blends classic coastal living room ideas, Mediterranean influences and colour palette of white, blues and terracottas and pairs them with fun, colourful and eccentric Italian elements. One especially – lemon motifs as the region is known for growing large lemons.

‘A number of characteristics define this interior styling,’ says Lucy Mather, interiors expert at Arighi Bianchi. ‘A core element is an abundance of Mediterranean colours – from bright blues to earthy terracotta. But the standout hue here is the use of citrus colours and designs – namely lemons as Amalfi is an area famed for its large lemons and abundance of citrus fruits. Terracotta features heavily in this aesthetic and this can be offset with crisp white linens all of which combine to ooze Italian panache.’

A wooden dining table against a pink wall with a yellow jug and and a bowl of citrus fruit on top

(Image credit: Future PLC/Mark Scott)

Why the Amalfi Coast?

Every summer has that iconic destination that everyone suddenly becomes obsessed with, whether that’s Ibiza or Greece. This year, everyone is enchanted with the Amalfi Coast which has reflected in the current home decor tendencies too.

‘As the weather in the UK this summer has been rather chilly and rainy so far, people are craving for some sunshine,’ says Melissa Denham, interior stylist at Hammonds Fitted Furniture. ‘The Amalfi Coast is renowned for its idyllic natural beauty, picturesque towns and vibrant cultural heritage.

'When you imagine the Amalfi Coast, you are channelling warm nights and carefree days, long unfussy lunches and the luxury of time and rest. But a holiday on the beautiful Amalfi Coast can carry a big price tag, it might not be a feasible option for those who can't afford to go abroad this year, so why not give it a go bringing it into your own home.’

A kitchen with a tiled, patterned backsplash, wooden chopping boards and bowls of fruit

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How to style Amalficore in your home

Now that you know the key elements of Amalficore, you might be wondering how to translate them into your home and create the laid-back Italian feel.

‘Mix coastal styling elements, alongside rattan furniture and jute rugs, combined with terracotta pots with herbs and flowers that provide pops of citrus colours,’ Lucy suggests. ‘Dress tables with gorgeous lemon design fabrics, and add faux or real olive and lemon trees within the room. Choose artwork featuring scenes from the Amalfi Coast and coffee table travel books. While it’s quite a rustic laid-back look, introduce luxe elements that reflect the glamour of this region and the jet set lifestyle associated with it.’

A wooden bench with two cushions and a large abstract artwork hanging above, with a rattan floor lamp next to it and a semi-sheer curtain covering the window

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Melissa chimes in with more styling recommendations, ‘Orange is another classic Mediterranean colour - to remind you of citrus groves and the sun - and it also works as a great accent against neutral walls. Think about throws, cushions and pillowcases to bring in colour.’

‘Mediterranean countries are spoiled when it comes to sunlight and many homes will have shutters or drapes to shut out the glare. So dress the windows with light, floaty curtains and imagine a cool evening breeze passing through. The deep and earthy tones of natural wooden furniture look perfect against a clean white wall. The natural grain of wood can add softness and soul to a room, and it is easily paired with pale and deep blues to create a coastal vibe,’ she concludes.

Get the look

It looks like it’s going to be an Italian girl (and boy) summer. Ciao bella!

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