Desti-core is the wanderlust home decor trend that’s going to be everywhere this summer – this is how to do it best

Turning your home into your favourite holiday destination is the new thing

A living room with a tropical wallpaper and a mid-century modern sideboard
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Aren’t you just dying to go on a hot, tropical holiday to escape the dreary British weather? We sure are. And so are many others it seems, which has given rise to a new micro trend which some are calling desti-core (short for destination core).

This new home decor trend can be attributed to our collective wanderlust and nostalgic memories of holidays past that inspire it. It's making us all want to turn our homes into relaxing havens away from the stress of day-to-day life; rooms that will make us feel just like when we’re on vacation – whether it’s the Amalfi Coast of Italy, an island in the Caribbean or Morocco’s capital of Marrakesh.

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The rise of this trend is not all that surprising. At the end of last year, Pinterest published its trend prediction report for 2024. And along the likes of the cafe kitchen trend, also known as cafecore, which has since materialised into one of the biggest kitchen trends of this year, the Pinterest Predicts report featured what could only be described as desti-core, only Pinterest named it ‘Tropic like it’s hot’.

So if you too want to partake in this escapist aesthetic, we’ve asked our interior experts to give us tips on how to do it well. And we found some of the best desti-core home accessories to add to your abode to sit alongside your own souvenirs from past travels.

A terracotta-painted bedroom with a bed and a sheer white canopy

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Desti-core micro trend

It seems that the tropical trend is having a revival, along with all of its palm tree and pineapple goodness. But desti-core is not limited to these motifs. This trend spans anything and everything that evokes warm holiday destinations – whether that’s colourful patterns reminiscent of India or Morocco or fruit-shaped homewares and tableware, referencing everything from the Amalfi Coast of Italy to the Caribbean.

‘With the stresses of modern life, many people often look for ways to escape everyday life in their homes,’ says Chelsea Clark, head of brand at Lust Home. ‘Home decor inspired by faraway destinations can provide a sense of relaxation and escape, especially for those who have fond memories of past travels, or those looking to satisfy their wanderlust on a daily basis.’

A living room with a tropical wallpaper and a mid-century modern sideboard

(Image credit: Future PLC/David Giles)

Alex Stubbs, Flitch interior stylist, adds more reasons why desti-core can help to turn your home into a rejuvenating refuge. ‘Embracing desti-core can bring a breath of fresh air into any living space. In a world that can sometimes feel chaotic and overwhelming, creating a home environment inspired by faraway destinations can foster a sense of tranquillity and rejuvenation.’ 

‘Incorporating elements of desti-core allows individuals to infuse their personal spaces with memories of past travels or aspirations for future adventures, making their home a sanctuary of relaxation and inspiration,’ she says.

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How to add desti-core to your home

But this doesn’t mean you have to completely transform your home into a Moroccan Riad or an Italian villa. You can just add little touches here and there that will spark those aforementioned emotions.

And as we remember many destinations through their flavours, serving your dinner with on-theme tableware and glassware is an easy way to incorporate desti-core into your home.

An outdoor table set with fruit tableware and food

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Stephanie Wright, head of marketing and retail at Dartington Crystal, suggests coloured glassware as the perfect way in as it ‘not only serves as a practical addition but also acts as an artistic statement, infusing spaces with a sense of warmth. The addition of playful hues such as deep blues reminiscent of the ocean, and fiery orange tones much like the tropical sunset can help to bring a sense of holiday into homes and gardens.’

She continues, ‘Having recently travelled to Italy, al fresco dining, when the weather allows it, is also top of my list this summer. From hosting a lively dinner party or simply enjoying a refreshing drink on a sunny afternoon, the experience can be elevated with the use of coloured vases coupled with summer blooms.’

A living room with a tropical chair and floor lamp

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How to style the desti-core trend

In more general terms, desti-core lies largely in the chosen colours and textures as Alex outlines.

‘Consider starting with colours inspired by sunsets, such as soft oranges, deep reds, and golden yellows, or hues reminiscent of azure waters and lush foliage, like teal, turquoise, and verdant greens. Textiles such as breezy linens, woven rattan, and natural fibres can evoke the relaxed atmosphere of tropical retreats. Accentuate with natural elements like seashells and driftwood for texture,’ she explains. 

‘Add botanical touches such as potted palms and tropical flowers, alongside artwork depicting scenic landscapes and exotic wildlife,’ Alex adds. But fruit is also a popular motif as of late with everything from lemons to strawberries and even papaya being turned into home decor. 

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To finish off, light the best scented candle reminiscent of your chosen faraway location so that you can be transported there through all of your senses.

‘Don't underestimate the power of scent in creating ambiance. Incorporate aromatic candles or diffusers with fragrances like coconut, pineapple, or jasmine to evoke memories of sun-kissed beaches and balmy evenings,’ Alex concludes.

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