Festive gifts under £50 - get your Christmas shopping list sorted

If this year you've budgeted to buy everyone's gifts under £50, check out these brilliant suggestions for your shopping list

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2023 has been a pretty tough year financially for most. That's where this guide to gifts under £50 will come in extra handy. We're not suggesting you cut back on gifting this Christmas if you can afford it, but maybe... just maybe, you can find a little something special for everyone without breaking the bank. 

To give you a little helping hand - and to save you some precious time - we've scoured the shops to find a stunning selection of gifts that are bound to please friends and family this festive season. 

We're firm believers that great design shouldn't cost the earth, and we've never understood why we're always expected to spend a fortune on gifts at Christmas. So while this is a shopping list with great quality gifts under £50, we've included plenty that are under the £20 mark so you can either pocket the change or double up and buy that special someone two gifts!

Ginevra Bennedetti
Ginevra Benedetti

Ginevra has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021, having first joined the team in 2011. She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, editing, writing and commissioning, from planning through to publication. She's a huge fan of Christmas, and reckons that the planning and prep, decorating, present buying and all the rest is pretty much her favourite yearly hobby...

The following list should give you a flavour of the brilliant gifts available this Christmas, from soft furnishings to decorative homeware. And there's something in here to please all, from teens to grandparents.

We've included some products from brands you may not be familiar with, while others come from some of Ideal Home's favourite stores, like John Lewis and Sainsbury's.

So worry not - whatever your budget and how ever long your list is, there are plenty of excellent bargains to be found. You just just need to know where to find them and this list is that bit of a leg up to help start you off.  

So what are you waiting for? Check out the list below and get a headstart on your Christmas shopping so you can be that smug someone who has tackled all their present buying well in advance of the big day. Happy shopping!

Christmas gifts under £50 - The Ideal Home edit

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Where to shop more gifts under £50

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Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

Ginevra Benedetti has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021. With a career in magazines spanning nearly twenty years, she has worked for the majority of the UK’s interiors magazines, both as staff and as a freelancer. She first joined the Ideal Home team in 2011, initially as the Deputy Decorating Editor and has never left! She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, from planning through to publication, editing, writing or commissioning the majority of the content.