Home Truths with Emma Bunton - the Spice Girl reveals her love for cleaning

We speak to self-confessed clean freak Emma Bunton and find out what part of her home she loves to clean every day!

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Spice Girl and radio presenter Emma Bunton lives in north London with her husband Jade Jones, their two sons, Beau and Tate, and their dog, Bubba.

She is also the co-founder of a company called Kit & Kin that makes plant-based, non-toxic baby products, as well as a new cleaning range, too.

What’s the first thing you do the second you walk through your front door?

Kick my shoes off, get my comfy slippers on, and make a cup of tea. 

What’s your favourite time of day at home?

My favourite time at home has to be on the weekends when my family is around and there’s nowhere we’re rushing to be. It’s lovely to just relax and enjoy spending quality time with each other.

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Where’s your happy place at home?

Definitely the kitchen, it’s the hub of our house. It’s where we cook and eat together, listen to music and connect as a family.

What’s your homeware addiction?

I’m slightly obsessed with candles! I love the gorgeous scents and the amazing ambience that they create.

What’s your home pet peeve?

Washing that is is not put in the laundry basket, which is a challenge with two teenagers in the house.

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What smell says home to you?

We have some gorgeous plants at home which make our home smell so fresh. Our aloe vera plant was the inspiration for the scent of our new Kit & Kin Lime and Aloe vera handwash.

Do you have a bad home habit you’d like to quit?

Eating chocolate from the fridge, late at night!

What chore do you love doing?

I love cleaning all the handles in the house, they’re everywhere and always in use! It’s such a satisfying job. 

We have [Emma's company, Kit & Kin] recently launched a plant-based refillable cleaning range, which makes me feel so much more reassured I’m cleaning our family home without any horrible harsh chemicals.

Daily essentials bundle | £33.99 at Kit & Kin

Daily essentials bundle | £33.99 at Kit & Kin

Clean your home the Emma Bunton way with her Kit & Kin range of plant-based, non-toxic cleaning products. 

In each bundle you'll get a Lime and Aloe Vera hand wash pump bottle (500ml) and a Pink Grapefruit scented washing-up liquid pump bottle (500ml), as well a recyclable 1000ml refill pouch for each.

What chore do you hate doing?

I really don’t enjoy changing all the bedsheets, it just feels enormous changing a double bed as I’m quite little, so I definitely leave that up to Jade. I do, however, do the majority of the washing.

Do you have any routines at home?

A typical day for me is very busy and often a little chaotic which I think is the same for anyone with kids! We get up at about 6.30am and then it’s time to get ready for the school run.

Once I’m home, I usually start with catching up on my emails. It’s a really exciting time for Kit & Kin as a business - we’re growing quickly and there’s a lot going on. My days are so varied as well which I love, doing different things everyday means it’s always interesting and fun - one day I’ll be at a photoshoot for a new product launch, the next at a meeting about our eco nappy subscription service or catching up with our designer to go over new prints and styles for the next season.

Emma Bunton and husband jade Jones in a kitchen

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Do you try your hand at DIY or always get someone in?

Luckily, Jade loves a bit of DIY and my eldest Beau is a bit of a natural as well.

Do you think you’re a good host?

I hope so! We love nothing more than having friends over, and we’re lucky that Jade is a phenomenal cook. It feels so relaxing being at home surrounded by good friends.

Have you changed anything in the way you live your life at some since COVID?

The launch of our Kit & Kin plant-based refillable cleaning range stemmed from lockdown, where everyone was cleaning and it’s so frightening how many chemicals are in everything, especially after you have children and you become aware of what they’re breathing in. 

To be launching this range feels like an exciting transition for the Kit & Kin family, as we’ve moved from caring for babies, to caring for the whole family. 

And just like our sustainable baby range, our naturally derived cleaning solutions are plant-based, sustainable and cruelty free, making them kinder to us and the planet. What’s more, every product sold helps protect acres of rainforest forever whilst also supporting communities around the world.

What do you do if you have time at home on your own?

It doesn’t happen very often! When it does I love enjoying the peace and catching up on a book or something I’m watching on telly.

Mama You Got This: A Little Helping Hand for New Parents by Emma Bunton | £14.29 at Amazon

Mama You Got This: A Little Helping Hand for New Parents by Emma Bunton | £14.29 at Amazon

A Sunday Times bestseller, Emma's book covers her journey as a new parent to her two boys, detailing the journey and how she approached any difficulties along the way.

Featuring extra advice from midwives, doulas, a paediatric sleep consultant, a trusted NCT counsellor and a mindfulness coach.

What do you miss most about home when you’re away?

Our gorgeous dog, Bubba. Bubba is so loved and such a huge part of our family.

Quick fire questions with Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton close up

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  • Shoes on or off indoors? Off please!
  • Eat at the table or on laps? I love having dinner as a family at the table, although we do all love a cosy night in on the sofa. Sometimes you can’t beat a takeaway and your favourite telly!
  • Lighting - are your rooms usually bright or moodily lit? I like having more ambiance, especially in the evenings with some gorgeous candles
  • Quick shower or long bath? If there’s time, always a long bath. A long bath solves everything!
  • Room decor- colourful or neutral? Definitely colourful, and we don’t shy away from being bold. We have a green sofa!
  • Are you a neat freak or do you prefer to be surrounded by creative chaos? I tend to be juggling lots of things, and like to crack on and get things done, meaning I can leave a bit of mess in the process. Luckily, Jade is the neat and tidy one and keeps things ship shape.
  • Do you tend to have music or TV on at home in the background or do you prefer peace and quiet? Our house is always surrounded by music, and we’re always in the kitchen, music is our life.

Emma is the co-founder of Kit & Kin, a natural, sustainable range of skincare and cleaning products, including laundry detergent, fabric softener, dishwasher cleaner, surface and bathroom cleaners, hand wash and more.

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