Looking for the nearly sold-out Meaco Arete dehumidifier? These are the in-stock alternatives to shop today

The Meaco Arete dehumidifier is scarce on the ground, but we think these alternatives pack a punch

A white Pro Breeze dehumidifier next to a clothes airer with laundry on in a room with a wooden floor
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A lot of people are hunting for Meaco Arete dehumidifier alternatives right now, due to how difficult the original is to find. Thanks to its popularity, most retailers are out of stock, and this includes go-to's such as Argos, Amazon and and Meaco's own site.

This machine hit top of the ranks in our selection of the best dehumidifiers around and subsequently started flying off shelves at breakneck speed. You can currently find the Meaco Arete in stock in limited quantities at a couple of locations, but you're hard-pressed to nab any dehumidifier deals on this one.

It hasn't come as a huge surprise, though, as, like our review details, it has plus point after plus point, being quiet, energy-efficient, brilliant at extracting indoor moisture and offers air purification to improve indoor air quality. 

A Meaco dehumidifier by the side of a sofa in a living room with dark walls

(Image credit: Future / Heather Young)

Meaco Arete dehumidifier alternatives

Just because the Meaco may not be as easy to purchase as you'd hoped, it's really not all bad. Our expert reviewers have selected the following options as ideal replacements if you were unable to pick this one up.

Pro Breeze 20L Premium Dehumidifier with Special Laundry Mode

The Meaco only beat this Pro Breeze by a hair in our round up, so it's the best of the Meaco Arete dehumidifier alternatives out there.

As you can read in our full review, the 20L Premium Dehumidifier with Special Laundry Mode is the best dehumidifier for drying clothes that we've tested. It's has an impressive extraction rate, a built-in carbon feature and is delightfully easy to use.

In terms of downsides, you're looking at slightly noisier operation and also higher running costs for its powerful laundry-drying performance, although of course you may not always have this mode activated.

This dehumidifier is also selling out quickly, but you can still pick it up for £219.99 at Pro Breeze.  The Meaco comes in four different sizes (10, 12, 20 and 25L), and this is more affordable that the equivalent 20L Meaco.

EcoAir DD1 Simple MK3 Dehumidifier

While the compressor Meaco won top spot, it's not the only type of dehumidifier out there, so if you're after a desiccant then this is the best of the Meaco Arete dehumidifier alternatives for you.

The main difference between a dessicant dehumidifier and compressors or Peltier dehumidifiers in that it's more efficient at lower temperatures. The EcoAir DD1 Simple MK3 can be operated in any space that's above 1°C, making it a great option for a garage, basement, or unheated rooms during the winter months. 

In our tests, it also performed brilliantly in normal conditions, making quick work of drying wet washing. The only downside is its price and higher running costs.

The EcoAir still has stock and is currently on offer for Black Friday. It was £235.98 and is now £229.98 at Amazon. However, do note that it is only 7.5L compared to the Meaco.

Our money's on the Pro Breeze Premium 20L as the best of the Meaco Arete dehumidifier alternatives, while the EcoAir is a mid-size choice that still works beautifully.

However, if you only have a small space to worry about then you could always consider the Pro Breeze 1500ml Dehumidifier, was £69.99 now £50.74 at Amazon.

Whichever one you go for, get ready to hopefully enjoy a mould, damp and condensation free winter!

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