Wellness Christmas gifts - give the gift of calm this festive season

Treat your loved ones to a little bit of 'me time' with one of these gorgeous wellness Christmas gifts

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With the busy, bustling, non-stop world we live in, it's no wonder that wellness Christmas gifts - presents that encourages the recipient to relax and take some much-needed retreat and me-time - have become so varied in choice. 

The thing about the wellness trend is that it really can be anything to any person, from those to burn sage and collect crystals to others to love yoga or simplye like to unwind with a nice scented candle... there really is something for everyone.

So in the true spirit of buying someone something for Christmas that they may not buy themselves, what better gift to give than something to soothe your loved one's stress, help them unwind and makes them take some time to truly relax?

Ginevra Bennedetti
Ginevra Benedetti

Ginevra has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021, having first joined the team in 2011. She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, editing, writing and commissioning, from planning through to publication. 

The job doesn't come without its fair share of stress so she tries whenever she can to unwind, so she's never far from a scented candle, hot water bottle and luxe creams and lotions...

We've gathered a whole host of gifts here that aim to calm and relax, products that are perfect for those that live hectic lives and rarely take some time out, to items that are ideal for those well versed in self-care already.

We've focused on all the big wellness hitters - top treats that are designed to totally soothe your senses. Nothing on this list will cost more than £85 and most are priced under £20 so they'll work as gorgeous gifts, as well as posh stocking fillers.  

So take our word for it and treat your loved ones to some stylish soothing treats - and if you buy them now, you too can totally relax in the knowledge that you've managed to finish all your Christmas shopping!

Wellness Christmas gifts - our top buys

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Looking for more wellness Christmas gifts for friends and family? Or some brilliant last-minute Christmas gifts for under £100? Check out these retailers - they'll have plenty for you to buy before (or after) Christmas, whether you're looking for your loved ones or just something small for yourself...

Now that you've calmly gathered a whole host of gift ideas, why not get that last bit of your festive shopping done and dusted so you can kick back and enjoy a little me-time..?

Ginevra Benedetti
Deputy Editor (Print)

Ginevra Benedetti has been the Deputy Editor of Ideal Home magazine since 2021. With a career in magazines spanning nearly twenty years, she has worked for the majority of the UK’s interiors magazines, both as staff and as a freelancer. She first joined the Ideal Home team in 2011, initially as the Deputy Decorating Editor and has never left! She currently oversees the publication of the brand’s magazine each month, from planning through to publication, editing, writing or commissioning the majority of the content.