Boost your energy levels in the morning with these bathroom decor hacks that engage all the senses

Start the day feeling fresh and full of motivation with these energy-boosting bathroom hacks

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You may be a wash-and-go kind of person, whose morning shower is fast and effective at getting you clean and fresh. But what if it could do more, what if it could give you that burst of energy you need to kick off your day?

A few simple switches to your bathroom decor ideas and morning routine can help you feel more energised at the start of the day, especially if you lean into the sensory aspects of showering and bathing.

‘In a world full of noise, a bathroom of silence might be golden. But for some people, it’s the trickle of the water, music, or even the sounds of nature that can be the soundtrack to relaxation or motivation,’ says Lee Chambers, psychologist and wellbeing specialist for Clearwater Interiors.

‘We often underestimate the power of touch, and a bathroom’s textures and materials can have an impact on how the space makes us feel,’ Lee continues. ‘Consider how furnishings such as towels, mats and handles can amplify your comfort, and how natural materials such as woods, stones and metals can ground us and bring us to a place of ease.

‘The flexibility of scent gives us the ability to curate a fragrance for the mood we want to evoke, such as energising citrus to start the morning with vigour.’

By integrating these principles, you can elevate your daily routine. We spoke to more experts for their tips on how to make your bathroom give you more energy in the morning.

1.Choose a high-energy shower

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Seventy-five per cent of people shower to feel refreshed and stimulated, and 61 per cent step into the cubicle to help wake themselves up in the morning, according to research from Triton Showers, and having the right shower is crucial for boosting these benefits.

‘Rainfall showers offer a spa-at-home feeling and are ideal for an invigorating, energising experience. The full coverage provided by an overhead shower keeps your whole body under its flow, the sensory stimulation increasing alertness and providing a refreshing start to the day,’ suggests Ashley Cooper, marketing director at Triton Showers.

‘Cold showers are increasingly popular as they improve circulation and stress response, energising and awakening the body and mind in the process. A handheld shower option can make a cold shower more bearable, as you can control where the water hits your body. As these showerheads are moveable, you can redirect the flow as you start to build up your resilience.

‘Opting for a shower that offers personalised profiles means you can set different shower experiences to use at specific times of day – for example, a short, cold blast first thing in the morning to make you feel energised.’

2. Decorate with energising hues

colourful bathrooms for energy

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Often, we want our bathing space to offer different moods depending on the time of day, which is why choosing bathroom colour schemes can be tricky. You don’t necessarily want an energising palette when you’re trying to have a relaxing soak in the bath; and you don’t want to feel blissed out and drowsy when you’re getting ready for work in the morning.

The trick can be to balance your decorating scheme, so it offers the best of both worlds – using brighter bathroom tile ideas in the shower enclosure, for example, and painting the walls around the bath in a softer hue. You could even switch up the colour of your bath towels and accessories, depending on whether you want an invigorating bathing experience or a relaxing one.

As for energy-boosting colours, life coach Jacqueline Hurst, who has worked with Dulux to curate a palette of colours to match specific goals, says that picking the right colour can help you manifest more energy in the morning. 

‘Many believe that certain colours align with specific energies and intentions. For instance, warm and vibrant colours like red and orange are associated with passion. Soft red tones, such as Dulux’s Pink Sandstone, represent energy and fearlessness, and inspire you to connect with your personal strength. Deeper tones, like Dulux’s Fireside Embers and Winter Pumpkin, are on the more gentle side, they still create a homely, friendly space.’

Using softer or brighter tones of the same colour in your bathroom can help give you more energy in the morning, but still allow you to relax in the space later in the day.

3. Ditch de-energising clutter

colourful bathrooms for energy

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Having a bathroom full of products doesn’t just look messy, it can overwhelm you with too many choices. 

‘A clear space allows you to keep your routine simple and make quick decisions, so you’re not de-energised by mess and clutter when you’re trying to get ready for the day,’ says Susie Boutal, declutter coach and founder of A Space for Living. ‘By minimising physical clutter, you’ll also minimise mental clutter, which enables you to preserve your energy for your day ahead. 

You may simply need to put products into your bathroom cupboards so that surfaces are clear. If a deeper declutter is needed, then going through this 11-step bathroom declutter can save you time in the mornings and provide the energy boost you need.

As Susie says: ‘Make your bathroom somewhere light and airy that you want to be and you’ll start to look forward to positive and energising mornings!’

Susie Boutal declutter coach
Susie Boutal

Susie is a declutter coach who uses her warmth and intuition to help people clear physical, mental and emotional clutter by using coaching skills to get to the root of the issue. She personalises her program for each client, to help them understand what is getting in the way of them having the space they desire.

4. Use lighting to give you a lift

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Your light bulbs play a big part in how gloomy your bathroom can feel, so effective bathroom lighting ideas are worth paying attention to when aiming for an energising space.

Cool white or daylight bulbs are your best option, according to Rob Chadwick from lighting experts, CGC Interiors.

‘At 4100K-5000K, the wattage of cool white bulbs is brighter and more energising than warm tones,’ Rob explains. They’re ideal for bathrooms due to the bright colour they give out, creating an inspiring and energy-inducing space. Daylight bulbs have a wattage of 5000K-6500K. They mimic natural daylight, providing a clear and accurate light for grooming and self-care.’

If you’re not relying on colourful decor to give you an energy boost, then an all-white bathroom can maximise the sense of revitalising light in the space.

‘White reflects light, meaning it is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a subtle but still well-lit bathroom. A bright bathroom allows you to feel more refreshed and awakened in the morning,’ Rob explains.

‘Mirrors are also reflective, so strategic placement can maximise the amount of light in your bathroom. Adding strip lights to the back of a mirror illuminates a mirror and draws more light into the room, providing an energy boost and brightening your bathroom.’

5. Rev up your energy with scent

bathroom products in shower

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Fragrance has a powerful effect on our body and mind connection, shifting our mood and emotions at an elemental level. So it makes sense that choosing bath and shower products can give us a lift when they contain scents to wake you up in the morning.

‘If you want a fragrance that will promote energy and focus, anything with mint is perfect,’ says Kamila Miller, scent expert at candle company, Charles Farris. ‘Mint itself is refreshing and promotes alertness, perfect for studying or work. Research shows that mint is helpful with both memory recall and wakefulness. 

‘Fragrance can have an enormous effect on your mood,’ Kamila continues. ‘A floral fragrance evokes an atmosphere of cleanliness and sunny weather, which can be enormously uplifting during the dreary winter months.’

Think about incorporating these scents into your shower gels, but also any diffusers you use in the bathroom. A clever trick to make the most of a steamy shower is to pop a few drops of essential oil in the shower tray to fill the space with a reviving scent. We love the energising scent of Aromatherapy Associates Revive bath and shower oil, available at John Lewis.

Put these sensory and decorative elements in place, and you'll find your morning bathing routine doesn't just get you clean, it will fill with you energy for the day ahead, too.

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