Bathroom shelving ideas to keep clutter at bay

A bathroom can hold more than you ever imagined - you just need some clever shelving ideas to keep clutter at bay

Looking for bathroom shelving ideas? Despite being one of the most used rooms in the house, a bathroom is often one of the smallest spaces and can easily fall foul of a busy family life and lack of organisation. But whether you’re drowning in a sea of beauty products, or are overrun with spare towels, our experts have got the know-how to help you achieve a calm balance in your bathroom with some clever shelving ideas.

So if you’ve got a small bathroom but lots of clutter, read on to discover 10 different ways to organise your space, whether it’s with cute vintage cabinets or barely-there bathroom shelving ideas.

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Step up with ladder shelving

bathroom shelving

Image credit: Jamie Mason

In a small home it can be tricky to store bulky pieces like ladders. Consider making yours multi-purpose – an old wooden a-frame ladder takes up little space when leaned against a wall yet makes a handy impromptu display for bathroom towels, lotions and potions which is great for renters, too, as it requires no fixing to walls. Then on occasions when the ladder is required for changing a light bulb, it’s easy to clear off again.

Create an attractive display

bathroom shelving

Image credit: Tom Leighton

Often the smallest room in the house, it makes sense to utilise walls as much as possible in the bathroom. Just a few hooks on the back of the door can be a big help, but for something with a little more impact, why not try running an open-shelf around the room. For a dramatic look in your bathroom, try painting shelving in the same colour as your walls, then using them to display a collection, such as these ornate antique mirrors.

Work a nook

bathroom shelving

Image credit: David Giles

Small bathrooms can still pack in plenty of storage! This small recessed set of shelves is tucked away but still manages to tidy away a lot of clutter. Great if you aren’t blessed with space, or for ideal for a cloakroom.

Think outside the box

bathroom shelving

Image credit: Matt Cant

We love this bathroom shelving idea. Old fruit crates were designed to hold heavy loads, and as such are more than up to the task of acting as storage in the bathroom. Adding a cosy country vibe, use them stacked up in a corner for an impromptu shelving unit or fix to your walls as quirky shelves.

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Rethink recessed shelving

bathroom shelving

Image credit: Paul Craig

For a Moroccan-style bathroom, add some recessed shelves above a freestanding bath – not only will they give a gorgeous glow when candles are added, they’re also great for storing toiletries within easy reach of the bathtub.

Will you be using any of these bathroom shelving ideas?

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